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  1. Now I know there's a lot of weapons at the t's disposal that instakill but I like this idea of messing with inno's a gun similar to the freeze gun, that when shot with sinks any character in water unable to rise out of it. The trick of it should be it applies no matter the depth so the t has to be certain the character is going into a deep body in order to drown.
  2. @Papa Bear do you think if it was just a slide mechanic with no shooting. would make it feel less choatic
  3. As par for the course the better power-ups increase mobility (Cat Sense, Froghopper, Marathon Walker) and each one has its intended situational uses for different map. I propose a new power-up that allows players to engage in a fire fight quickly and escape if needed. Power Slide As the name intends you crouch on your knees and slide with carried momentum until you hit a dead stop. Activating the power keeps you in one direction but allows free look to aim and fire. The proposed variations to this power up are as followed: 1. Length of slide: Obviously every player has the same base speed so a preset distance that varies per drop can really change how people use this 2. Speed modifier: This is where I hope this doesn't break my suggestion . But a minor change in speed once activated can totally make this power-up change up some forms of combat. 3. Hop out: This one was a little experimental cause originally I wanted deactivating the power to make the player hop a preset distance. This can allow player to traverse maps with a gap, by jumping further than a normal players jump distance. Any suggestions to how to improve it. Let me know I'd love to hear it.
  4. I know this is a nit picky suggestion but clicking to 50 crates is kinda annoying each time i do it. since the mouse is already free in the menu we should be able to click the number and type the amount we want.
  5. Minor suggestion but now that dailies are global I might recommend sorting bounties completed to the bottom.
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