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  1. I like this idea more than mine cause it also fixes the problem that it makes the portable tester "global" by giving detectives notifications instead.
  2. As much as I know this is the logical solution to all this, I also know it's very easy for other players to displace your tester by picking it up and running away with it since it isn't as stationary as a health station making it so that your portable tester can end up in crowded areas without you really doing anything, unless in the future they make it so that only the detective can pick it up with a magneto stick.
  3. Sometimes it's very hard to distinguish who tests with a portable tester when you're in a crowded area. I suggest that the detective that placed the portable tester get a tiny notification whenever someone tests just so they they can be sure that X player was really the one that tested. Notification could be blue, similar to whenever your health station/portable tester gets destroyed or whenever you get a credit. Samples you be " (Player) has tested innocent." or even if you don't want to put the result of the test "(Player) has tested." or "(Player) used the portable tester"
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