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  1. Thanks for the positivity man! We need more of this on moat! Staff members don't get enough thanks.
  2. IGN: MisterWhy [GG] Discord: MisterWhy#5975 Didn't really know you well but sad to see you go my guy. Stay safe out there.
  3. The people from prewipe worked for their stuff just as hard as the people after wipe. You shouldn't be compensated for not playing and earning stuff prewipe. Also there are flaws in this rollback from what I've heard about a ton of bugs so...... its not perfect. If people are missing items/have bugged items that should be fixed imo. But if you didn't play prewipe that's on you lol That's like saying every future wipe people should get items based on all the previous one's if they reversed them. Ridiculous lol Not to mention a crap ton of work for @cole and the devs.
  4. Hmm staffing in 2020 sounds like a promising concept 🤔
  5. MisterWhy


    Moat does need more staff I'll give you that. When I was first a staff member we had around 80 moderators between these 80 moderators you could see around 1/8 to 2/8 of them active per day. Even the Management team was pretty active! The staff team has now gone through two or more total collapses since that time. Just to show you how much has changed since then. Leo was an SA, Monkei was a Trial, JPH was also a Trial, and Icy was an Administrator. The staff team has changed so much since then. Of the management teams the most recent management team (Leo, Icy, Wildmonkei, and JPH) has worked the hardest to ensure the staff do their jobs efficiently and actively. Of course I cannot tell you exactly what methods go on on the inside but they are working on it. Between my two periods of staffing I've definitely seen increases in discipline as well as ways to make it easier for the staff members to do their jobs. Moat has not made it easy for them as he's reformatted the forums recently. Which mucked their whole system up. - Staff are online when they can be as they all have jobs and circumstances going on in their lives. - If staff don't want to help then there's a problem. If they can help they should be helping. (Depends on the circumstances) - Forum Posts and Help pings are supposed to be handled to the best of their ability. Sometimes a difficult decision needs to be made with management or the offender needs to be contacted. Sometimes PC are grabbed out of order if there are multiple complaints on one player. Staff members go through a lot. As players you don't know what is going on on the inside.
  6. Nah fam scamming's for losers. Capitalism's the real way to go
  7. Maybe I should log in had 3 dancers LOL
  8. Interesting. I was here when Moat stepped down but losing items is lame. Why is there always a game breaking bug. Come on @cole lol.
  9. I don't exactly remember it all but it was dark and smelly. 😆 Been working on school and IRL stuff recently. Trying to keep my YT active but its hard making the time.
  10. Been more or less absent from this community for awhile and I'm just wondering how y'all are doing with the Corona Virus and everything that's going on.
  11. What happened to profile songs? 😧 @cole

  12. @Jett Ski ʳᵉᵇᵒʳⁿ You know me /shrug Don't play much anymore, but it'd be cool to win something. I'm not sure where we met in the past I may have sold something for you or we just played together a bunch 🙂 IGN: MisterWhy Discord: MisterWhy#5975
  13. Things I noticed/liked: 1. The exchanging barrels on weapons thing sounds actually lit. It’d be cool to see that. It adds a little twist to the game. 2. Outlaw Revolver = Borderlands bayonet pistols. Absolute POGGERS would love to see that added. 3. More dual wield secondaries yessssssss 4. Flak V2 😮 5. I’ve always liked crossbows. Maybe with a higher rarity high fire rate variant? 6. Sneaky beaky like pistol 7. Good ideas for melees. Cool to mix it up a bit with double handed, dual wield daggers and more then one attack type. And I’ve always wanted more throwables. Overall amazing suggestion can’t wait to see if it’s added. @moat You may wanna read dis one it’s loaded. P.S. Love the variation in damage depending on range!
  14. I think it'd be interesting to have an extra jump which goes 15-35% higher than normal. Cosmic deff a good idea. It could be named Long legs orrrr jump pack or something! To stop the problem DarkLord refers to there could be a timer. Within so much time of when you first jump you have to use your second jump. It would, therefore, decrease the amount of fall damage you'd be able to save yourself from.
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