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  1. Please bring this map back. It brings back memories
  2. The Moat.gg creator And you can find the server list on the forums itself @who.isblue
  3. Welcome back old friend. Nice to see you back from your arrival to moat.gg hope you enjoy it bud 😁
  4. And also. Usually if you were bright enough use Google lol. As easy as that 😂
  5. So Jamsy you are basically saying that youre now opening crates ok. Now what happenes if you drop planetary, cosmic or even ascendends who will you give it to. Have you thought about that?
  6. Orrrrr maybe just remove every thing. Why not?
  7. I dislike this. The bernelli is op when it gets Projectile talents like grapes,ice cream,pears and ect.
  8. I think this is a kinda good Idea but why not just make it you basically get it on your birthday. And PLEASE not another projectile talent
  9. +1: I think this Idea would be cool for those wanting to know how many kills the have got with their weapon of choice.
  10. Remove Headshot damage remove healthpoints add in 5-10% firerate and add in 5-10% damage buff
  11. Swift Is a really great talent. I mean like to those weapons that have big magazines and shoots slow such as sniper rifles, H.U.G.E's and ect. When this amazing talent comes with a weapon that's reloading is not that slow it becomes overpowered. In maybe 1 second the gun is reloaded maybe just a blink of an eye. I just think that they should make it so that Swift can go up to 35% - 70%, When they added the 100% to 200% i just see people with their planataries with reload +30 and their swift talent which is 200% mowing down people.
  12. Maybe moat should make it so that if you decon them you wont get money from it But it could be tradable for an exchange for IC or the opposite mutator
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