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  1. From the evidence above it shows that Likor (moat.gg) STEAM_0:1:71382402 did not see you throw the pigeon bomb and will result in a slay for: Kos off of location + Sound (acc rdm) Locked and Archived
  2. From the evidence above it seems that WonderCrow STEAM_0:1:103166974 has purp rdm'd butter and this will result in a 1 day ban. Locked and Moved
  3. This complaint is solved with Betsi giving Savage his item Locked and Archived.
  4. With the evidence above it seems Chute ne [STEAM_0:1:54097169] purposely rdm'd crimson and dcrage for this reason he will be banned for 2 days. Locked and Moved.
  5. @akolore Do you have evidence of getting rdm'd?
  6. Because Absolutne acted before asking Tast to id the bodies or let the shootout finish AbsolutneNasranoVKalhotech [STEAM_0:0:64330665] will be slayed once for accidental rdm. Locked and Archived.
  7. For this reason, LOSTSANDKING STEAM_0:1:57332031 will be banned for 1 day for purp rdm. Thank you for your report! Locked & Moved
  8. With the evidence from above it is clear that "not lucky" kos'd off of location/weapon and will be given 1 autoslays.