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  1. Your Steam Display Name: J522Your In-Game Name: J522Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:66063221Which server were you banned on?: moat gaming ttt #1Staff Member That Banned You: The SuessReason Banned: mass rdmHow Long You Were Banned: permaWhat Happened: I was a traitor 2 rounds in a row and had only rightful kills the entire game. the map was space station and in a code locked area there was a door that apparently if shot would kill everyone so since i was a traitor 2 rounds in a row i attempted to do this both times to win the round but did not successfully do it and then i was banned for mass rdm even though i did not rdm anyone prior and never actually broke the door that supposedly did such a thing i did not mass rdm and did not break any other rules to my knowledgeDid You Break Any Rules: (Yes/No) Witnesses:
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