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  1. Everyone who is complaining about a wipe coming and that there shouldn't be a wipe are dumb. The server is in chaos at the moment there needs to be a wipe. Listen to the community, the last wipe was in December rather do another one now than later.
  2. SO I havent been on in a while maybe like 3 months, but all of a sudden Im level 1 again and no items in my inv. I looked around and see people talking about a bug and a possible wipe, just wanting clarification on the topic at hand and if anyone else has had their levels reset back to 1 and inventory wiped.
  3. I miss my friends 😢 Idk where everyone went.

  4. Im back after almost a month of inactivity, bet no one missed me oof anyway new profile song 2 

    1. The Dyslexic Manager

      The Dyslexic Manager

      We gotta make more banners again Jam 

  5. New Profile Song - Brand New - Jesus Christ 🎶

  6. psst cmere 


    1. Samuel



    2. The Dyslexic Manager

      The Dyslexic Manager

      my only friends ❤️

  7. New profile song lemme know what you think 👌

  8. Yo is my cover photo allowed or nah lmao

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    2. Shootr31☘


      Butt Cleavage lessons with Jam lmao

    3. Samuel


      @Jam I cant pm you for some reason, but there is a nip slip in pyrics cover, i was gunna send it on discord but you blocked me

  9. It would have been funny to see a trumpet in the Pumpkin Crates and whenever you press R or Left Click it plays a Doot. Maybe Next year?
  10. Ive only been on the server for a playtime of about 5 days, but I have come across some level 100's. Now I dont know whether this has been asked about before or something, or if you can even do it, but what about a simple prestige once you hit level 100. I know you get the "Tesla Effect", but what about restarting levels again, but with some sort of twist or you get like a cool symbol next to your level. I dont know I thought about it I think it would be cool, again do not know if anyone has suggested this before. Thanks for reading and have great day. -Dyslexic Manager
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