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  1. Because moat is just as much of a monkey as those people? Do you really expect him to have thought that makes sense? I misunderstood you, my bad. Despite this, pretty sure his response to stuff like this was "we already have the discord"
  2. Moat has said multiple times that he isn't adding automated trading or markets of any kind, as it limits community interaction.
  3. It doesn't though. No melee weapons make you crouch down like a knife does.
  4. I remember when everyone was waiting on Interstellar.
  5. Quick to assume since most of the time it is. Sorry that I lose trust and faith in Moat after many, and many screw ups that could have been completely avoidable in the first place.
  6. nah staff are stinky especially @chr0me1
  7. wow, somethings broken on the server, again? What a surprise. who would have FUCKIN GUESSED.
  8. Essentially what s8n said. T's already have an extreme advantage over innos.
  9. BBF's have never been 150k. BBFS have been around 3mil+ for ages now, unless they recently dropped in price. Even then, never seen one go for less than a mil and a half in recent times. Bonds best peeps are like 300-500k for average ones. Sorry chief, but 150k is not enough for either.
  10. this has been suggested many times, but the answer is always the same. No, otherwise there wouldn't be any bad talents to counteract the good ones, and talent mutators wouldnt be nearly as useful.
  11. No, that would be near impossible to implement as some models used in moat are made by other modelers. It's just unrealistic. EDIT: anyone more informed in the matter, feel free to correct me.
  12. I feel like the planetary should be called Pot O' Gold and be a planetary unique, but other than that, yea.
  13. If they are less effective because they can't have a healing talent (which is more important) then thats good. Having no chance to heal with it helps balance out its insane stats