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  1. This kind of stuff has been turned down in the past because we already have a talent that outright negates the need to reload in the first place. I wouldn't be opposed to it, but that was the reason given
  2. Breaking map testers is kosable, it doesn't matter if it was considered "detective equipment" or not. Its the same as t-baiting, aka shooting at people as an innocent. Breaking map testers is kosable, as you are acting like a traitor as an innocent . Now, there is also some debate that it isn't kosable, but killable. Therefore, if you see them break it, you can kill them, but you can't sic other people on them via a kos.
  3. having 15 minutes will just screw over people as well. I don't know how many times I posted an ad, just for some guy with 50 links posts an ad and pushes my ad miles out of view. At least with 30 seconds or a minute I can refresh my ad so people can actually see it
  4. How to crash literally every server 101 -1
  5. He stated it fine. Extincts can never be rerolled, so they will rarely/never change in price
  6. CrustyTheMoist


    I will say though. You usually have 1-2 staff answering nearly every call in help chat, a few more that will server hop and help whatever server they are in. When I used to play, I almost always had to votekick, and when calls were answered it was always the same select few. I will add in some defense though, when I staffed, I put staffing over my enjoyment of the game, and hit a major burnout and didn't play for months (which lead to my resignation). Sometimes staffing shouldn't be the main focus, and they should be allowed to have fun from time to time.
  7. Hey remember when moat said there wasn't going to be another wipe? Now the server is glitched where a wipe is needed again? Crazy how that turned out, huh.
  8. BDFs can easily be used as a primary, and are strong as hell. They are in a fine spot right now.
  9. Ak is already strong in almost every other aspect.
  10. I was so tired of doing stalker rounds after every map rotation. It was annoying, abundant, and boring.
  11. Bulk opening would literally kill servers.
  12. It's extremely easy to reach any of these levels with moat's current conditions.
  13. There aren't any other ways without risking scams.
  14. I gave a constructive reason as to why this idea would ruin the servers balance, the market, and the entire gameplay grind of the server itself.
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