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  1. People don't want their free win mechanic taken away.
  2. Ic is already super easy to get as is. The old daily system was just too much. With how many servers there are, and how easy bounties are to do, you can get like 200k or more in a day. Thats insane. We already have an over abundance of ic as is.
  3. Yea, because resetting everything definitely benefited the server before. Definitely didn't screw up everything. Bud, the economy will never be fixed. It will always be flooded with op guns as long as this server is alive. A wipe will fix it for like a week, and then it will be broken again. In fact, it was broken a few days after the first one.
  4. Indifferent. I didn't really like how the summer event went about it (essentially allowing everyone to get it near the end anyways with the insane buffs), but I really enjoyed the G-od event of 2017.
  5. Considering they are planetary tier and match planetaries in every way (besides the glow), I dont see why not.
  6. I'm fine with either a reload or draw stat being added.
  7. There are like 4 different dogs in this thread
  8. While I don't disagree that a filter is a bad thing (to an extent), the fact that dumb stuff like doggo, space, butter, and many more get censored (and just those words, I typed out different parts of each word with none of them getting censored) We have staff who can deal with that kind of stuff. It censors way too many harmless things (and even some parts of names that hinder callouts, which is a huge issue.) A server wide chat filter in ttt just doesn't work, it should be toggleable.
  9. Welcome to the club. People are missing their entire invs.
  10. Plenty of talents do not affect TTK in the slightest, and they are still extremely good. Just because something doesn't kill faster, doesn't mean the effect won't be walking the line of broken and overpowered. Like I said with your suggestion on meticulous (which is already a fantastic t2 talent, so I have no idea what you are talking about), having it at 60% would be extremely powerful, as even a 10% chance meticulous procs a hefty amount.
  11. 60% on meticulous would be insane, borderline broken. 30% already procs plenty, ♥♥♥♥ my 10% meticulous on guns procs a good amount as well. Prototype is the most infuriating and dumb thing to fight against on the planet. Getting your aim messed up (especially in moat) instantly results in your death. Having a talent work like the prototype would instantly have bad reception across the entire server. Infra-sight is fine as well. Making it guaranteed would just make it stupidly broken on stalker rounds.
  12. Economy is already flooded with excess ic from bounties. Dont need more
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