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  1. Your In-Game Name: \-HASHIM-/ Your Steam ID: 76561198125543938 Which server where you banned on?: TTT #1 Staff Member that Banned You: bot i guess? Ban Reason: "cheating" Ban Length: infinite Did you break any rules?: No What Happened: basically, I was tired of the errors in my game so I coped old version of gmod for Linux (Ubuntu) to mine. but every time i log in into any server even moat it just hangs and become really slow. so i spent the time trying to figure out what is the problem and remove files edit them change the path for some to get it to work then i got banned.... idk maybe the system there check for some files if they were edited or not to detect cheating ?! and i just was a false positive Witnesses: Have you read over our rules?: Yes Do you regret doing what you did?: No Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes
  2. well the point of this JSON is it can be easily readable by programs not humans.
  3. And here is an example for this gun https://imgur.com/a/i5GcFo4 { "name": "Floral Mossberg", "type": "Superior Primary", "level": { "unit": 4, "xp_is": 184, "xp_from": 400 }, "dmg": { "value": 147, "current_stat": 0.049, "min_stat": 0.04, "max_stat": 0.08 }, "rpm": { "value": 41, "current_stat": 0.082, "min_stat": 0.08, "max_stat": 0.12 }, "mag": { "value": 7, "current_stat": 1, "min_stat": 6, "max_stat": 7 }, "stats": { "accuracy": { "value": 0.082, "min": 5, "max": 12 }, "kick": { "value": -0.127, "min": -0.08, "max": -0.15 }, "range": { "value": 0.352, "min": 0.3, "max": 0.6 } }, "talents": { "fracture": { "level": 9, "values": [ { "value": 0.2, "min": 0.15, "max": 0.3 } ] }, "sustained": { "level": 20, "values": [ { "value": 0.4, "min": 0.15, "max": 0.4 } ] } } } There is a lot of information missing here since each gun has a different headshot damage multiplier torse damage multiplier etc. if these values can be added in the description of each imgur link, it will be so nice
  4. yeah this feature is not meant to be read by players, when i want for example to write a program that can calculate some values about the gun, giving the link. How can i do that?, well one way is to use the image and splited into parts convert the pixels into numbers etc, this will take a lot of time and if a new talent was added i need to edit the code more. including the json will not affect anyone who want to see the stat and the talent from the image I got a lot of cool ideas to create and having the json of the gun will help me a lot. also it can be a csv instead of json if people want to open the file using excel or other programs. I think it can be easily implemented, what do you think?
  5. well. my idea is simple. when someone upload the picture of a gun to imgur from the inventory, the description of the image (that part which include the name of the player the server and the timing etc) should contain also more info about the gun in a JSON form, for example the talents the stats, the headshot damage, the torse damage, the legs damage etc. this way 3rd party developers like me can easily obtain the information about the gun without the need of extract these info from the image which would be hard and inaccurate. Adding this JSON to the description will not cause any negative affect i believe, could that be done ?
  6. If it is illegal in the website so do in the game. the game is hosted by a server and the website is also just a frontend for the server. If legal is a high concern then we can just create an API(Application programming interface) and other people build their own programs using that api to gamble if building the section of the website will be time-consuming. I dont think it will be too hard to just start only with versus, doing a POST request to introduce a gamble amount and then checking the status of that gamble by GET request over time if it was a win or a loss. we can even do a GET request to see the available open versus to participate in. I think these functions are already built in moat code. an API will not take that long to create.
  7. Hello friends and followers. My idea is simple since gambling is cross moat server and does not depend on the server which you are in, unlike trades . why cant we create a section in this website that is linked by your steam profile (which is already linked) and gamble without having to be in gmod. and in the future maybe we can make trades even in the website and add the inventory. would that be a great and a simple idea to do at least for the gambling side?
  8. ugh ok, I thought it does not exist Thank you for telling me that
  9. Hello everyone, Since I'm a little bored in this summer vacation. And not always admins are existing in the server so a lot of rdms happen that time. I wonder if its possible to get all the data of the logs like the damage log the chat log and reports log data in order to play with it and see how much accurate, I can get with a machine learning model to detect rdms automatically If that is possible and sharable I'm happy to try it out :)