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  1. Your Steam Display Name: assasinking100Your In-Game Name: assasinking100Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:83964570Which server were you banned on?: TTT server #1Staff Member That Banned You: dabReason Banned: Attempted Mass RDM on SpaceshipHow Long You Were Banned: 3 weeks (22 days)What Happened: This was my first time I have ever played on the spaceship map I just downloaded it when the server changed maps, and previously in the rounds on that map I had been hiding around and discovering this new map for me, I had only been traitor once that map considering it was the third round or so. So what happened was during the preparing phase of the beginning of the round I followed everyone out of the spawn room, except I stopped at a door on the way I didn't think I could open it and somehow I did, and I saw that there was a breakable wall thing at the end of the hallway, I noticed I could crowbar this weird wall, I thought it would lead to a secret vent or something, but then the round started as I hit my last crowbar swing. For only what was a second in the round I noticed I was a traitor but all of a sudden my crowbar swing blew up the wall I was hitting, and then a siren went off and I was swiftly banned for 22 days, in the blink of an eye, I didn't even know what I did or what happened until I saw my ban message and learned that the wall i was hitting would kill everyone on the ship.Did You Break Any Rules: (Yes/No) In a technical stance I broke the rules by rdming anyone who was on the ship at the time, but to be fair I did not understand that I was going to kill everyone on the ship if I broke some wall at the end of some random hallway.Witnesses: JoeBae(csgobig.com), I do not know anyone else who saw me break the wall
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