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  1. they added a weapon bob, obviously worth calling it a "beta launch"
  2. The only reason people "demand" ridiculous prices is because there are people who are willing to pay that much since higher tier items are harder to get now that the player-base is so large. It's simple supply and demand, you can't place the blame on the seller for taking advantage of that. Also I feel the main culprit are the big gamblers who gain and lose millions of IC in hours, they tend to be the ones inflating guns heavy overpaying so they can atleast cash out some of their gambling money before they inevitably get cleaned.
  3. BURNSY#0001 To put towards paying back a loan.
  4. Energizing has been out for a few days now and I've pinpointed a few QoL tweaks that could improve the talent: Some audio cue to help players know how many stacks they have Maybe the sound the lazers make can become lower pitched every stack you get 2. An audio cue to help players know when they lose all their stacks Maybe some dis-satisfying sound to let you know you lost your stacks Currently it's hard to tell because sometimes you can miss a shot or two and you don't actually lose the bonus damage
  5. considering I don't even want it back atm and I was joking, not very
  6. can I get my admin back :pepega:
  7. Do you put milk or cereal in the bowl first?
  8. Who's the highest rank on summer climb?
  9. https://imgur.com/a/krjpzj1
  10. Sad to see you go, you made the community a better place. Didn't play with you much since I mainly play on the NA servers. Good luck in your future endeavors. Also phantom is pretty gay
  11. There were wacky rounds like this in the past (Crab, Inverted, Slippery) and the community resoundingly voted for them to be removed. Don't think the position on that has changed much in 8 months. -1
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