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  1. paisano

    Greed Talent

    I know that Greed might be a bit too powerful, but getting 3500 IC in a map is probably the best you can do if you play perfectly. You're not going to get 2 traitor kills every inno round and 8 inno kills every traitor round. I was just saying that is about as perfect as you can get with this talent.
  2. paisano

    Greed Talent

    The Talent: Greed is a Tier 1 talent. It allows the player to earn 25-50 ic (or gives the player a random worn/standard item) upon rightfully killing a player. The main purpose of Greed is to forgo the talents that increase base stats drastically (Trigger Finger, Swift, Focus, etc.), and instead opt for a weapon that is harder to use, but rewards players for using the weapon effectively. Assuming you get a traitor round 25% of the rounds, get 8 kills each traitor round, and 2 kills each innocent round (which is above the average kills a player will usually get), you would obtain 3500 IC in a single map with max Greed. I understand how someone might not want this talent for future items they obtain. Since this talent doesn’t give the player an advantage in a gunfight, some might see this talent as useless. In this case, there are other ways to incorporate a talent like Greed into the game. 1. Give the talent to specific items. Like with the Snowball and Deep Fried talents, Greed could be a guaranteed talent to obtain on money-themed items. 2. Create an item that can mutate any Tier 1 talent into greed. This would work like a mutator, but it would give the item you mutate the Greed talent. 3. Make the talent a power-up. I wouldn’t recommend this, as it removes what would make Greed an interesting talent, but if balancing is an issue when this talent is on a weapon, this might be the option to go for.
  3. i opened 6 independence crates and got 3 cosmetics and 3 weapons that i had better versions of. i love the independence crate 🙂
  4. This is something I kinda agree on, but I think the specifics are not well thought out. Granting players ascended and cosmic items EVERY 10 levels for certain portions of progression is a bit too much. I really like the idea of making the leveling system actually matter. One thing I'm seeing from the reactions to this is that this progression system will make it possible for players to get a lot of good items in a fast manner, saying that new players would be able to get overpowered items very quickly. How I think the leveling system should work is that each level you go up will award the amount of crates equal to the players level divided by a number, or to grant 1 crate for every 1000 xp. I don't think already unboxed weapons should be dropped through the leveling system, and I'd rather have that progression be accessible through an event. From what I can tell, this seems like a problem with dropping rare items. I really want it to be easier to get rare items. However, I think that there better ways this can be handled. My suggestion is to have events to be year-round (there will always be event stuff to buy in the shop), and to make all event crates drop the tier-up weapons seen in the Valentine and Cinco de Mayo crates. Moat's progression systems have always been flawed from the start. While there have been attempts at improving this progression, there have been adverse consequences of such (summer climb). I think that progression is fine right now, with the summer event going on, but it could be better.
  5. just make the flashes not fully blind you when behind cover/not looking at the flash. i know flashes are really annoying because it will blind you no matter what, but it deals no damage. if this were true, we might as well make smoke grenades kos.
  6. Yeah i don't mean the turrets are all clumped together, forming rings or lines of the turrets with good spacing is possible to do. As for them being easy to kill, destroying sentries makes you KOS, so the choice to kill a detective or to destroy a sentry would lead to you just dying.
  7. Due to the recent buff the the Peace Sentry's targeting system, its safe to say that the ability to purchase multiple Peace Sentries is a bit too powerful on some maps. With credit hoarder, its possible to place multiple sentries in a single location for large damage, or to spread out the sentries to constantly monitor the entire map. I think that the ability to purchase multiple sentries should be removed, making it so only one Sentry can be placed per detective.
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