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  1. My New Years resolution is to gain muscle and make a varsity team
  2. im doing this but since im vip things can be worth more to me than other people with out it. while im giving the gift if there not vip should i ask if they want me to decon this item for them since it could be worth less
  3. the 1 flaw is that how will the game know to give you ic or not it will not know if it is a rightful kill or not
  4. On the mc server Neer was rdming but there was no staff so we kicked him he rdmed 3-5 people steam id STEAM_0:1:37439812 also these 2 ids STEAM_0:1:50605602 STEAM_0:1:174379339 add one more rdmer STEAM_0:0:101296831
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