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  1. but maybe this is a joke idk lmao
  2. Good idea: Create a post title that isn't click bait and summarizes the point of the post (✿◕‿◕✿)
  3. Why does this have 4 agrees but a -1 rating? If you agree, vote it up; there's a reason for that feature lol
  4. Considering any cosmic MP5 dropped from the Aqua Palm collection would be for all intents and purposes a direct upgrade to the Monte Carlo? Yeah. Big +1
  5. Outset broke somehow, that's all I know. Still, WHY NOT FIX IT THEN? I want the map back, I have some good memories on it.
  6. Uh, yeah. That’s definitely RDM. No question...
  7. AFAIK everyone has this issue. Yeah it sucks. Sorry. Probably some way to fix it, it's just become a habit to move it each map change for me.
  8. Much improved post. 🙂 Some good ideas! Some have been mentioned before and haven't gone far, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be brought back up.
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