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  1. Mip1mip^


    It's so weird too... one night I was on a low pop server and 4 trial staffs and 2 mods joined. Like I get they were trying to play together but there shouldn't be 6 staff on 1 server when there are other servers in need of staff. Also on this topic, why the hell do forum reports take 2weeks+? How hard is it to look at something and decide if its it's right or wrong?
  2. So you don't want to reward the level 100s any differently than the level 7s for the time they put in over the last months?
  3. That completely ignores the fact that we are trying to give people who put a lot of time into the server over the last 3 months a jump start if we were to wipe. You get what I'm saying? The money IS that jump start.
  4. Do you not understand that a wipe would get rid of all the items I worked so hard for? What don't you get? I put literal weeks into the server. You make money so fast doing dailies... Money ain't a thang, getting good items is.
  5. How? I literally just told you my inventory is worth more. Everyone would be opening crates from the get go to get weapons... There has to be some reward given based on time, no?
  6. Bro 50k is one day of dailies.... I hit level 100, so 50k is a kick in the nuts. I suggested giving people 10k per level. Level 50 would get 500k, 100 get 1m. If you think that's too much you are wrong because my inventory is worth well over a mil. There was a lot of time put in over these months...
  7. Yeah I agree but at the same time why didn't they just rollback sooner? Last week was kinda pointless imo. Only reason I could see is that the bug took a week to fix?
  8. Why would you want a wipe? We lost about a week of progress in trading but so what? At least my inventory isn't ruined. Rather be set back to what I had a week ago then be set back to ZERO. We got a bunch of crybabies imo.
  9. @M-E-T-A Honestly I am not opposed to an inventory wipe with IC given out but I would wish it would be according to that player's level this wipe. It would be nice to get your level x 10,000ic. Level 100 players = 1,000,000ic. Level 100 takes a lot of time and effort to get. My inventory as it is is worth more than that so if you think that is too astronomical, you're wrong.
  10. I wasn't hit by the first wave of converting everything into cosmics and stuff but rather was affected in the 2nd wave where all of my personal cosmics and below turned into stock weapons. Those stock weapons of course should be brought back, all items that were products of this glitch should not be out in the hands of the players. They are broken/not intended. I'm not sure why anyone would buy one if you assumed it would be fixed. No wipe is needed, just restoration of the items. I'm also not sure what to say to people affected by the first wave who deconned all of the items they got from the glitch. There was a greed behind deconning all of the items so that is why I'm conflicted as what should happen to them. Edit: Wipe would erase the time put into this server over the last 3 months. I probably wouldn't play if the server wiped again. It's baffling to want anything other than the items that are broken to be fixed.
  11. I personally think some shotguns, like the s12, are not reliable enough to make primaries and should be secondaries like the flak-28. I would point towards battlefield's method of having shotguns as secondaries. Shotguns suck.
  12. I just found this video and this is exactly what I am talking about.
  13. Prewipe, whenever someone got dropped an ascended or above, that tier's hype music would play. Whenever a planetary would drop, a symphony would be played across all servers. Ascendeds had cool sounds and cosmics had their own music aswell. I am not asking for this to be forcefully added to all players but I would like an option to reenable the old music. Thoughts?
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