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  1. The only problem with implementing a mass opening system is that it would lag the servers, notice when people stop just for decon that's above only like 150 items. Scale that up and it could be worse.
  2. Yeah I agree with this, get rid of the drop sound for anything ascended or below, and return the effects for the rest.
  3. Yeah I would up this, it's stupid you have people using frog hopper and clip the model's head into the ceiling so you can no longer hit like half the body. It's a simple fix even D12 has done it on his server.
  4. It's the sweat wreaking from his thighs from crouch spamming 🙂
  5. I only agree with the part of not all items given back yet I am still missing 100+ pumpkin crates/ my 4 mil
  6. This is the type of effort that has to be seen on moat forums more often, well done give this man a position in staff +1
  7. reds has a small pp but big brain +Rep
  8. I agree that there should be some weapons that show up in dailies more often, but for the most part not these/ Just because not many people have even a decent form of most of these weapons.
  9. Yeah moat has a tendency to make eyebrow-raising decisions, this and the jester role is for sure one of them. +1 Agree
  10. I agree with everything on this list except for the peacekeeper part, that seem balanced
  11. Not good enough you have to use a frog hopper and blink across the map while sweating like an ape first
  12. Yeah and the best part is that he acts arrogant/good even though all his wealth was achieved from a stupid mistake made by moat, a bafoon in his prime if u ask me.
  13. I can hear the TF2 lobby flashbacks
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