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  1. Imagine saying that a rule comes down to staffs' discretion. That's not how a RULE should operate. Like @Saint said, enjoy your delusions. Idk what you really are trying to get at here. People really are being made with brain smaller than a walnut.
  2. So the countless guides that I've written of obscure rules that are not mentioned at all in the !motd aren't listed. Did you know 1/2 of those rules in the !motd can be broken and not slayable? Idk, new people come on the server and act like they know what they talking about. No wonder the community is dying.
  3. 1/2 of the rules are not actually listed in the brief !motd. You would know that if you played the servers and understood the rules. A lot of the rules are easily circumvented. Yes, rules win over logic but the rules that are listed are not used for every situation as the one described in the original post. They aren't used as a one-fits-all but the reverse.
  4. This is it. The rules are what define the game not logic for the most part. The rules are based on logic but using your own deductive reason is not allowed because most people cannot differentiate it from suspicion. If we didn't have rules and used logic for every kill (like how the Yogscast operate their games), the amount of reports would increase tenfold as every dumbo would try defending their actions under "logic". The only way to utilize logic is using it in a way that falls underneath the rules but circumvents it. I agree with this 100%. There is no way to enter that room other than by using the traitor entrance or teleporter. If nobody is in there, and someone just runs out, they must be a traitor or must have been an innocent exiting the traitor room (which is still KOSable). Situations like these that guarantee someone's innocence or guiltiness (like a detective placing a portable tester down in front of you, and someone using it) are very powerful. This is similar (not entirely) to the Last Man Standing rule where if everyone in the game is tested and accounted for (meaning if there are 5 people "alive" and 4 are proven) you may kill the last person. Of course this rule can sometimes bite you if the last traitor(s) have Disguisers as the "last" unproven person may very well be just an unproven innocent terrorist. I personally have never had problems regarding staff not understanding this rule but unless this rule has somehow changed, I'm certain that T-staff slayed you wrongly. The Small Room rule only applies to unidentified bodies in a small room (one entrance, excluding traitor/detective) with someone in it. If they are the ONLY party that could have killed that person, you may KOS them. I don't think the rule applies to multiple people being in the room with an unidentified body (even though those two could have killed a person) however. Someone who knows more on the rule, feel free to elaborate but I'm sure this is it. EDIT: To add, an alternate way someone could have entered the bathroom is via Position Swapper The rules behind this are a bit more complicated as you can't determine who did the swap. What typically happens when someone successfully swaps with an innocent inno-on-inno crime. Whether or not you correctly deduced it was position swapping (must have seen the swap happen or had them cornered like in the scenario), you take a risk on whether the person you killed was the actual traitor. Someone who knows the rule on position swapping can validate but I'm pretty sure if you kill an innocent who was just swapped you aren't liable for the RDM (similar to when someone false-KOSes, and you follow). Overall, if someone walks out. Shoot them. The explanations I listed above are for very niche situations, unlikely to even happen and even if they do, you probably are still right. A traitor, could set a teleporter up before he drops down, kill the innocent. Teleport back up, grapple the body up through the hole and hide it but as soon as he walks out, he is liable to get shot because there is still no way for him to have gotten in there without being a traitor or through a traitor's plays.
  5. I have seen ZERO people do this apart from myself. I also don't understand it. Innocent rounds make up 99% of your rounds. 1/2 the time people are rubbing one out so what's the big deal if you die on it?
  6. This is why I feel that playtime and level should be a factor or should play a larger role in the hiring process. The learning curve. You can't expect someone at LVL40 to know the ins and outs of TTT. This is why some newly appointed T-Staff that are higher leveled and have more playtime tend to perform better as staff in my opinion (except in gunfights, Zedigy kek).
  7. I've taken several breaks from the server since my first grind to 100 (FIRST, I WAS FIRST, I WAS FIRST) mainly because of burnout and other games being released. What brings me back to TTT is the community, the memes and the fun that happens in game. With such a strict rule system, implementing staff members that can't enforce it when they need to and when not to (leniency) makes it feel like a job with bad supervisors. It's honestly night and day to what the server plays like when staff can get rid of people ruining the game on any given server to staff doing nothing productive.
  8. Mr. Madman

    New Staff

    Let me make this clear from the start. I am 100% for promoting as many people that are willing and capable of being a staff member. More staff, more reports get done, more people that need to get banned get banned, etc. What I am not for is promoting people that can't multitask; can't keep their emotions to themselves; don't know when to show leniency and when not to; ignore people trying to help and generally don't use their brain. I have clocked in maybe, 6~ hours in the past two weeks on TTT and these alarmingly obvious problems seem too commonplace in such little time for me not to ignore. I personally will not report a staff member that is incapable of doing their job because they simply can't do it. These people eventually get weeded out and in respect for them trying to their job, I don't bother. As cliche as it sounds, they get a medal for trying. What I honestly can't stand not to do anymore is ignore when staff members powertrip, excessively f***-up when it comes to simply announcing what is allowed and not or knowing basic rules (and when corrected, don't bother or get toxic) or more anecdotally, ignore players that get toxic, "crossfire", then say the reports expire when the map switches especially to a LVL20 squeaker. I'm sure other players can immediately see who is cut out for the job, and who is not, as can I. The purpose of this post is not a "ominous, edgy warning" that I'm gonna start calling out this nonsense when I see it, but moreso a, "please-don't-enlist-random-people-that-try-to-ban-you-for-pushing-them-with-a-lightsaber-because-they-are-blocking-you-then-threaten-to-permaban-you-for-prdm-when-it's-not-even-the-right-punishment-and-are-overreacting-for-10-damage-on-their-inno-round-that-they-got-back-in-20-seconds-because-of-a-healing-talent" It's honestly a mood-killer and makes the game feel like a job. If we as a community are trying to better ourselves, these people serve as a huge detriment to what we are trying to make on such a legacy game and gamemode.
  9. IGN: Wendy Discord: Madman#0420 Sad times. Always sucks seeing an old player leave.
  10. In-Game Name of Offender J-NAUT-01 Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:1:214325014 Date of Incident 04/08/2020 Report Type Abusive Votekicker Your Discord ID Description I started spamming chat and the kid got salty and votekicked me midround because some downsbaby named Razfrizz or something told him to. Topkek. Evidence Attachments
  11. Notice how the ONLY counterargument to this is: "But I won't have my guns anymore." Or something like that. If we get wiped, we ALL lose our ♥♥♥♥. And if we do get wiped we ACTUALLY lose ALL. At least you KEEP SOME with my suggestion. Think past yourself for this, do you want EVERYONE to stoop to your level or do you want to keep the server alive so you can actually play on it? What's the point of killing the server just to start fresh?
  12. Yes, it would. But if it can be fixed either way, what's the point of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ everyone? At least you keep SOME items, your IC and level. You don't need to wipe all. I got semi-cucked too, but I don't see in cucking everyone out of their inventories. There is no easy answer, its literally what could please the majority and not upset the minority too much.
  13. They don't need to. If it takes 30 seconds to do it, they can do it midround if there is no reports. Its supposed to be a passive thing. Think. One staff member could do all the players on a server. Then in an hour, players that joined and exclude first-comers. It wouldn't be hard at all. One person could do the entire server in a day if they sat down. Honestly, Id offer to do it.
  14. That's why I said make it a secondary goal. Something you do on the side. It should take 2 minutes to look through someones inventory. Maybe not even that long and if you do it once on a player, they are fine and don't need to be searched again. Giving staff the ability to assign a checkmark to their scoreboard tag could be an easy way to see who needs to be checked and who has already. Honestly, this is a brainstorm. I don't want another wipe because I don't think the server could survive it (and I also don't want to grind to be 100 again, inventory idc tbh).
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