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  1. In-Game Name of Offender J-NAUT-01 Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:1:214325014 Date of Incident 04/08/2020 Report Type Abusive Votekicker Your Discord ID Description I started spamming chat and the kid got salty and votekicked me midround because some downsbaby named Razfrizz or something told him to. Topkek. Evidence Attachments
  2. Notice how the ONLY counterargument to this is: "But I won't have my guns anymore." Or something like that. If we get wiped, we ALL lose our shit. And if we do get wiped we ACTUALLY lose ALL. At least you KEEP SOME with my suggestion. Think past yourself for this, do you want EVERYONE to stoop to your level or do you want to keep the server alive so you can actually play on it? What's the point of killing the server just to start fresh?
  3. Yes, it would. But if it can be fixed either way, what's the point of screwing everyone? At least you keep SOME items, your IC and level. You don't need to wipe all. I got semi-cucked too, but I don't see in cucking everyone out of their inventories. There is no easy answer, its literally what could please the majority and not upset the minority too much.
  4. They don't need to. If it takes 30 seconds to do it, they can do it midround if there is no reports. Its supposed to be a passive thing. Think. One staff member could do all the players on a server. Then in an hour, players that joined and exclude first-comers. It wouldn't be hard at all. One person could do the entire server in a day if they sat down. Honestly, Id offer to do it.
  5. That's why I said make it a secondary goal. Something you do on the side. It should take 2 minutes to look through someones inventory. Maybe not even that long and if you do it once on a player, they are fine and don't need to be searched again. Giving staff the ability to assign a checkmark to their scoreboard tag could be an easy way to see who needs to be checked and who has already. Honestly, this is a brainstorm. I don't want another wipe because I don't think the server could survive it (and I also don't want to grind to be 100 again, inventory idc tbh).
  6. I agree with making Speedforce roll as T1; it honestly doesn't matter too much if it's T1 or T2. Changing the T-Rex models means that the people (or person) that got it legit, can't have it. Getting rid of it is probably the best bet and making a new crate doesn't seem plausible. Making everything untradeable resets economy. Would you rather lose your items, or have everything untradeable? To clarify, the CURRENT items become untradeable, not items obtained after.
  7. Read this. Instead of wipes, how about an economy reset? Lock all items for trade. Resets economy, people keep their items.
  8. So. I took a good break from MG hoping that this inventory nonsense would get sorted out. It didn't lol. After being on this server for nearly 3 years, I come with a solution and some ideas on how to alleviate some of the grievances on the server. Notice I said some, not all. Half of the community wants a wipe (cares for the longevity of the server or has been negatively affected by the wipe and wants everyone to fall to their levels) and the other don't (cares for the longevity of the server and doesn't want to lose their cool, shiny pixels). There is really only two opinions on this. It's been put to a vote and honestly, acting on a vote split almost so evenly would not be the best of decisions. My initial thoughts on playing are as the following: - Glitched items (items that should not exist under any means) are broken and either are unusable, eyesores or overpowered. - There is a massive economy shift. With the influx of shit tons of Cosmics and whatnot, some players are richer than Jeff fucking Bezos. - A wipe would kill a good chunk of the playerbase; people already quit from the first wipe, doing it again not only goes back on the word of Moat and the staff but also would discourage old players from playing again. (There is no doubt that new players will take their place as its been done and done again.) - Not wiping, or removing the glitched items (which we will get into) will discourage people from playing because of the huge imbalances. Here is my solution. But understand this: What's the point of letting us all lose all our items when we can possibly keep some? Get rid of every glitched item. The "T-Rex Modwl" is a prime example. Implement a system that targets the most frequent glitched items and remove them. The most abundant ones seem to be the "T-Rex Modwl" and guns with Speedforce as a T1 talent. I don't know how to code, but it should be possible to remove them. If not, give staff the ability to peek into inventories to check for these glitched items. When a staff member gets on a server, along with their RDM report duties, their secondary duty should be to try to peek into every players inventories, flag that they have a glitched item and add them to a list of players. Those on this list will be forced to deconstruct their item or have it removed by upper staff. Staff peeking into inventories will not have the ability to edit them. I'm sure this is also possible, if not- oh well. Lock inventories. Make it so every item is untradeable. I know, this is the new controversy we must decide on. Instead of wiping everyone and removing their items, why not LOCK inventories instead? All current items, now being untradeable will be effectively removed from the economy. This is an excellent middle ground for those who want a wipe and those who do not. Those who do not want a wipe, keep their items, and those who do want a wipe get the benefit of not having circulation of glitched items. If we really want to take this to another level, why not make a mandatory inventory lock every 3 months? This way, the same gun isn't in rotation and players will be forced to search for new exciting guns. This for all intents and purposes will reset the economy without damaging the playerbase, you can't be jealous of someone with 30 cosmics if none of them can be traded. We need some sort of reset, and everyone can agree on that if we want the server to survive. Please leave feedback, we need this to be rectified as soon as possible. Either way you look at it, #1 priority needs to be removing glitched items. They WILL kill the game. Will add nice, fancy colors like I always do later. Too lazy rn. Also for clarification, when I mean glitched I mean items like these: or This cannot be normally obtained. This is glitched. If you had a High-End skin that turned into a Cosmic like this: I say, keep it. It can be normally obtained.
  9. Remove all Lovers weapons, nerf the VSS. That's better.
  10. Wendy


    Can we not have a talent that blinds us? The fire blocks your whole ass FOV and does so much damage, pick one. EDIT: Not saying to remove or nerf, simply stating that it blocks your vision. Someone mentioned low-fire like in MC PvP texture packs, that would work perfectly.
  11. Wendy


    Two major things I want to get clear: - I am not suggesting higher level players be exempt to karma-bans and damage-reductions. - Karma needs to work as a deterrent for killing innocents (not RDMing). There is a difference between someone who is blatantly RDMing and someone who is killing an innocent for a good reason (ex. obvious innocent shot and killed another innocent). The maximum threshold for karma is fine, my only gripe about it is that the leaderboard is sorted by karma (which is idiotic) and you can't change it. SUGGESTION 1 - The leaderboard should be able to be sorted by karma, level, name as well as status (Friend, Kill, Suspect, Avoid, Missing). Making this feature accessible in-round by clicking the column name would be the best way to accomplish this however making it an F1 option also suffices. There is also a slight bug with karma; the server still sometimes thinks that the maximum karma is 1150 at the beginning of a map. I am not sure whether it affects damage but it does say you have 1150 karma if you have actually have more. SUGGESTION 2 - Use a metric such as total playtime, current session playtime or level to impose a karma stipend where the higher you are on the metric, the less karma you lose. It is key to understand that you will still lose karma but less based on your ranking on the suggested metric. It doesn't take a genius to know that more experienced players will be better at the game therefore, be able to win more gunfights and as a result- be able to kill more RDMers. This isn't usually a huge problem but ever since the karma update, I have noticed my karma never really gets past 2200 until it goes back to around 1600. For example: At level 60, you lose 5% less karma. At level 70, you lose 6% less karma. This effect remains at its current rate until you reach level 100, where you reach a capped rate of 15%. I feel that a feature as proposed would benefit the more active players a lot more without taking anything away from those following the rules. I think one thing MG needs are level rewards. Level really doesn't have any importance to it other than status and getting the Tesla Effect. (I got the first one, get rekt) Even if something like this is not added, there should be an effort in making features and items that are rewarding players for leveling to 100. I'd say after level 100, levels can be purely for clout but grinding to 100 is no easy feat.
  12. In-Game Name of Offender Get Nae'd Nae'd On Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:0:521798025 Date of Incident 03/08/2020 Report Type Purposeful RDM Your Discord ID Description Called a KOS on me (his T buddy) and never called it off. Refused to answer. PRDM first round, he was semi-justified the second round because I shot to get his attention. Evidence Attachments
  13. I agree, but IMO, I don't think it should be punishable if a Detective camps a D-room.
  14. I've said it over and over again. Damage over time talents are boring and add nothing new to the game. This perk is literally just Frost but named something else.
  15. Disguiser should be fixed first. If you are a traitor and simply BUY a disguiser (without even using it), in the following rounds your name has a chance of never being visible as the game still thinks you are still disguised. RDM galore tbh. +1 idea however. EDIT: @moat I don't know if you know about this glitch yet but if you don't I can possibly try replicating the glitch for you if needed.
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