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  1. A player by the name of DSPgaming likes to join the server to target and harass me specifically, everytime he joins, he RDM's me and claims that he heard me buying a knife, then proceeds to tell me that i should buy better headphones so i can hear others buy knives. I'm honestly sick of him and imo he deserves a perma-ban.
  2. I had an idea for a new T weapon, which is Kenshiro's fists from Fist Of The Northstar, in which just like the knife, it is a one shot, and requires you to get up close to use it, and only has one use per T. Upon use, it makes no sounds or has no indication of it being used. After a little amount of time, it plays the "You're already dead" clip from FOTNS in which Kenshiro says "Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru.". It makes the high pitched noise from the clip, which everybody near the victim can hear, including the victim themself. Once this noise goes off, the victim drops dead right where they're standing.
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