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  1. yea but assassin just happends, its not like you can predict when its gonna happen.
  2. yea better flare with a cooler animation. doesnt have to heal you it could just destroy the body or make it unrecognizable.
  3. healing greande . im looking for another way to dispose of bodies i think flares the only way to get rid of them atm.
  4. i was thinking it could dispose of the corpse while healing you at the same time and maybe it leaves behind like a big pile of blood and bones, and the traitor who uses it gets some sort of blood trail debuff for a few moments after consuming a corpse
  5. ive never once used the banana bombs and not cocked them to the point where they didnt scatter immediately or seen anyone other than low lvl bobs throw it without cocking. and like i said i was using it as an example of a noise que that a t weapon is getting ready to be used.
  6. i know how it works i was just using it as an example.
  7. thats how banana bomb works, and i mean it to be like a sniper rifle so get away from everyone charge it up and try to get a collateral kill.
  8. was thinking something along the linges of an alien type blaster that you have to charge up and it makes noise similar to banana bombs and once its full it can pierce threw traitors one shotting anyone it hits and then it explodes or something. instead of a charge rifle it could be called a rail gun to idk just a thought lmk what you guys think.
  9. oh ok, i thought maybe i was tripping ♥♥♥♥♥ or something lol. thanks for clearing that up
  10. it was a graphic bug that made the gun look like it was metalic. it doesnt look like it anymore or id post a picture.
  11. This might be a thing already but i really love the way the ectopati looks, and would really like a paint to paint my other weapons with it
  12. pretty sure the damage is there so the pan isnt cancer.
  13. i was watching some gun videos on youtube and came across this and instantly thought silenced goldent deagle in ttt. i wish i had to knowledge to make a gmod texture like this for ttt cause this thing is a beast.
  14. so youre saying if i cant find my target just kill randoms? doesnt that defeat the whole purpose of hitman?
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