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  1. ^^^^^^ (if there is a c/o on an item, I'll put it there, but everything will have a buyout of some sort or just an offer I like in general) Joule Newell https://imgur.com/a/8orhAFy SOLD Energizing AK47 https://imgur.com/a/M3CpGEd (c/o 300k, b/o 400k) Zelda Model https://imgur.com/a/UfzNk4E (c/o 0, b/o idfk just offer whatever I'll probably take it) PagChomp Bouncy Balls (two of them, each sold seperately) https://imgur.com/a/7uIxSSS (c/o 0, b/o idfk just offer whatever I'll probably take it) Energizing Deadshot https://imgur.com/a/oKbMffU (c/o 20k, b/o 30k) Scorching Flak-28 https://imgur.com/a/DbkK6a2 SOLD Country Springfield https://imgur.com/a/60ZKU3s SOLD American Baton https://imgur.com/a/r1c0KA7 (c/o 0, b/o something nice) Backyard SG550 TE SOLD Ascended Stat Mutator (c/o 0, b/o 52.5k) if u consider anything here overpriced, cool, just don't buy it, ezpz oh yeah and if u wanna discuss anything private about these items with me, my discord is Phrot#1119 just pm me don't add me
  2. ^^^^^^ I have lots of pure but do not think I will overpay for it. My discord is Phrot#1119 or just comment below idk mucho gracias
  3. +1 as someone who had to deal with the awp for 1-2 years of playing garry's mod, its a weapon for sweaties and I personally have no fun or ever use it
  4. Might as well suggest some talents (I haven’t checked every post or if new talents exist but I tried) Disorient - Each hit has a 5-10% chance to cause shifted controls for 1-3 seconds Slippery Bullets - Each hit has a 10-20% chance to cause the shot player to slip uncontrollably for 3-7 seconds Cripple - Each hit has a 3-7% chance to stop the shot player’s ability to jump, crouch, or climb ladders for 5-10 seconds. Bullet Efficient - There is a 20-40% chance for your shot bullet to not use up a bullet. Will probably add more when I’m not tired
  5. I do agree with what crossboy said, if it was just like other wacky rounds, it'd be good. So my idea is just not to remove it, but let one of the developers fix the round so you do have all your items and such during the wacky round.
  6. No. Terrible idea. Volunteers do not get paid. -mehni ye, mehni is right
  7. Its not too bad of an idea except the amount of coding it would take We have all the players on the server and then we have the amount of those people equipping that power-up to where their primary slot can be equipped with a secondary. My stance on this is neutral. Its a decent idea but the coding would be hell
  8. I offer that on something (preferably the mp5)
  9. As title says, willing to buy any 3 talent melee weapons besides -Frying Pan -Chair -Baseball Bat -Pot -Pipe Wrench -Meat Cleaver -Sword (Superior, not Ascended) PM me on discord or show down here and we'll talk Taking offers on this
  10. As said above... c/o on Scream = nothing c/o on Halloween King = nothing (I'm too lazy to put the pictures here at the moment)
  11. Traitors get 3 minutes to kill innocents on our regular servers like EU, West, #1, etc. because these have bigger maps than the minecraft servers but also no reason for people to delay with 3 minutes. Plus you get an increase on the time limit every time you kill someone. Traitors get 2 minutes to kill innocents on our minecraft servers because these usually have smaller maps than our regular servers and with a maximum amount of 32 players with a good 6-8 of those being traitors, there is no way you shouldn't be able to not kill everyone (You get an increase on your time limit when you kill someone on the minecraft servers, as well) tl;dr, we have these short amount of times to not cause delay.
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