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  1. Please contact me on Discord, Maple#7933 Make sure to leave a comment here with your discord ID, so that I can confirm it is you.
  2. After reviewing the evidence provided, I don't think it is worth contacting the reported player as it seems like the reason they killed you was for firing towards another player by shooting the barrels, to you it seems like you got rdm'd but to him it looked like you were shooting at another player, which would be a rightful reason to kill you. Archived
  3. Unfortunately, votekick bans can't be appealed, no matter what. Denied
  4. Your response to being reported was to state that you killing the player was hilarious. I don't see how any staff member would have come to any other conclusion. Denied
  5. Since the ban was rightful it will be upheld. Feel free to appeal in 7 days. Denied
  6. You have to wait 7 days before you appeal a denied appeal. Please review the guidelines for appeals at the top of the section before posting again. Denied
  7. You cannot appeal bans less than 24 hours in length. If you feel like you were wrongfully votekicked then please make a player complaint against the person who kicked you. Denied
  8. I have updated your ban to permanent for ghosting. Denied
  9. Lying about it doesn't get you very far. Denied
  10. You cannot appeal bans under 24 hours in length. If you feel like you were wrongfully votekicked then you should make a player complaint against that player. Denied
  11. You have to wait 7 days to appeal a ban after being denied. Denied
  12. Bans under 24 hours cannot be appealed, mainly because they often expire before one of the 3 people on the server who handle appeals can get to it. If you feel like you were wrongly votekicked, please make a player complaint against the player who kicked you. Ban Expired
  13. Your account is your responsibility, whoever was on your account blatantly mass rdm'd so this ban will be upheld. Denied