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  1. Provident/power is actually a decent talent on guns like augs, ak's, sako's and sg552's. All these guns can get close to 25 damage with stats alone and with provident/power, you are not only statistically likely to 4 tap body, you are also doing more damage to other areas of the player as well. It is in a good place where it is now, since it got buffed before, to deal up to 30% extra damage. Not every talent can be amazing on every gun, i.e Focus being trash on most low damage high rpm guns, or trigger being pointless on a rifle or shotgun.
  2. Maple

    New Staff

    I appreciate that a lot of our new staff are still very green to how to properly conduct themselves and as you say, some will last a long time, while others will not. We do hold staff members accountable for their actions on the servers and in the discord and I have had to speak with a few about the way they interact with people when it is brought to my attention. It's all about building a stronger staff team so that we can be more effective in covering as many servers as possible, which has been a big concern for the community for a while now and we are trying to give more people a chance to prove they can actually handle being a staff member. One more thing I will say, is that their is a steep learning curve for new staff members, with a lot of information and learning of procedures and commands which can be quite daunting to some people, this will always take time to adapt to. I myself made a number of mistakes when I became staff for the first time, most people do, so I can understand wanting to help as much as possible, but maybe just being a bit out of your depth on full minecraft servers to begin with, for example.
  3. Moat is an English speaking server, so talking in any other language can be annoying to players, as English is generally a common language all players understand and considered mic spamming, thus not racist.
  4. As a person who actually played the ❤❤❤❤ of the game back in the day, I would love this.
  5. What is your go to food?
  6. There is a rule about this, it falls under rdm, whether it be accidental or purposeful. If you are killed after the round started because of something someone did just before the round started, report the player in game or gather evidence and report them on the forums if a staff member isn't there.
  7. A very good submission, one thing I would say is that I think it would be bit better if there was less variation in the colours. I appreciate the amount of effort you went through making this, with custom colour correction for each talents actual colour, but I feel like it can be a bit off-putting to see so many at once, at least for me. 🐧
  8. Good job getting this all done so quickly and incredibly well made 🙂
  9. Welcome back, it's been a long time.🙂
  10. But then what about the reported person, surely they should get an opportunity to respond to that response and then the victim should get to respond to that response as well and so on and so on... This is why staff members open chats between the players if any more information is needed, it's usually not necessary though as it is quite easy to fact check what someone says has happened via damage logs, shot logs and the death scene. Perhaps not enough staff members utilise the open chat option as much as they could but generally speaking, this isn't something people really complain about, so I don't really see it as an issue as I generally trust staff members to make the right decision, if they don't then they themselves are subject to punishments from SA+, so it is in their best interest to utilise the resources they have available.
  11. Given the offenders response, I am not satisfied there is enough evidence here to be 100% sure that the kill was not rightful as the victim could have been t-baiting. Locked and archived
  12. Since the ban was rightful, it will be upheld. Denied
  13. Ban was rightful, you fail to adequately described what happened in a way that would vindicate you. Denied
  14. Zacall, STEAM_0:0:67088309, has been warned for map exploiting 1st offense. Locked and archived
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