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  1. Your Steam Display Name: Ruler Of ChinchillasYour In-Game Name: Ruler Of ChinchillasYour Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:99707930Which server were you banned on?: TTT Server - MinecraftStaff Member That Banned You: AvengerianReason Banned: Metagaming during event.How Long You Were Banned: 2 weeksWhat Happened: I was killing a fellow player (Derpachu) while he was online and when I found him afk while I was a T I would kill him. I didn't know it was wrong to kill an afk while I was a T during the event. I never asked him or used him with the intent of finishing the event. I was just playing the game. I'm just glad that I know more rules so that I may become a respected and a role model player.Did You Break Any Rules: (Yes/No) Yes. I unknowingly broke the rules. So sorry it will not happen again. Witnesses: Avengerian
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