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  1. The new Wacky Round idea is Silent. The premise is that everyone's microphone is gagged/disabled on this round. Also gunshots might be muted/disabled to. By muted I mean not as loud. My intent for this round is to have people not kos/rdm of location and sound. The players on this One Round would have to see the other players shoot/kill/plant explosives and not kos/rdm off what they think they heard. The Kos Menu would prove to really useful as any information people need to know would have to be read, not heard. Also, any explosives/grenades/TNT are NOT silenced as that wouldn't really help. Not being able to hear a tnt be activated would be stupid. Man hacks would still make their s❤❤❤❤ in sound/active sound. If I missed anything please comment l.
  2. Free rdm is free rdm, ❤❤❤❤ yea
  3. My best memories moat has to be slow rolling over every rare weapon.
  4. The bug seems to be very inconsistent and i am having trouble video recording it
  5. Everytime i place a prox mine my Spas-12 gets glitched and i cant fire it. The Spas gets stuck in a "inspect animation" and will not fire. The only way to fix it is by shooting my secondary. I hope this gets fixed.
  6. Sorry that Y was a accident on mobile
  7. The Machina from TF2
  8. Imagine buying a item you want to just have it removed. I would be rationally mad about it.
  9. I am not losing my eye sight on moat -1
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