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  1. I think this is a good idea on paper, but once you come around to think of how much your eyesight is of importance is TTT, it becomes something so good that the talent by itself could just be a T weapon, as you dont even get discombobulated while the other party does. this is the major factor of why flashbangs are useful, but not broken. Flashbangs can punish you for poor placement whilst throwing it, but this confusion talent would take all skill and throw it out the window. A common complaint about talents is the Phoenix talent, because naturally, the hl2 engine gives you very thick red tint on your screen when fire damage is applied, constricting vision and making you completely stripped of sight. I personally doesn't agree with this, and on a weapons like a HUGE, MAC10,AK, or anything when a decently fast RPM, would become complete machines. Cool idea, but not good for the sever imo, and with tweaking, it could become something of balanced usage and could potentially be something fun to fight with, and to fight against.
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