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  1. I already get kosed by bhopping around lol -1 maybe removing the crab round seems like a good idea+1
  2. that's why you go invis and make it look as if you have a disguiser on ????
  3. Lol this is ttt not a casino simulator haha
  4. I mean isnt this what you should expect from aks like just get higher sensitivity Also if trying to shoot a guy from far just 3 burst or tap ez money
  5. Maybe just a whole Western style event can happen and we add this
  6. This is going be another taunt in which it's going to die in popularity and no one wants to buy like the dab taunt +1
  7. I think the biggest change that should happen to reality stone is to make it so it hides the name after you kill someone and more transparency since it is a chance of 20% and on a timer after all
  8. You can find a Bomberman helmet with 6k lol just proactively play on ttt and someone will drop it :)
  9. I pretty sure that's why paints exist on this server -1 would like to see a planetary model like Tron maybe :)
  10. having it instant or 5 seconds is better instead of 30 seconds ( idk the timer but it feels long ) cause i wanna start using this t wep alot more to have some fun +1
  11. I wanna start using sakos +1
  12. -1 this happened before and the crates were half price and everyone started opening crates which caused the server to lag and sometimes crash. Also, it kinda ♥♥♥♥♥♥ up the economy so yeah no
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