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  1. I want to buy a Beastmode with good stats, talents dont really matter dm me on discord @RustyBoy
  2. It would for sure bring a lot more new players to the discord, and the forums and the bigger the server grows the more people will pay attention to it and want to play more, not only that but will bring in more donations, maybe not right off the bat but over time. It could just be an additional feature added in order to grow moat over time.
  3. wanna trade a beastmode for a 3 mag db with decent talents and 75k
  4. My new years resolution is to bench 240 lbs and strive to weigh 160, also i plan to up my grades in school while maintaining my life on the internet and this server.
  5. currently reading an article while shitting in a porta potty in southern somali

  6. can you tell us what we will be getting in the crates?
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