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  1. Go go power rangers. >:D How bout your best pal
  2. Imagine not giving the prize to me. Impossible right?
  3. About the Killing machine talent. I'm pretty sure it would be useful to get a 10ish% increase on many guns that needs a little bit more dmg to 3/4 tap. About Divinity, I don't see why it wouldn't be a good idea. We already have flame ❤❤❤❤❤❤ant that reduces fire/explo dmg Maybe change it to something like - Receive less damage from elemental talents.
  4. You're right about the elemental. I'll have to change it a bit About the SWAT Power-up, I'd prefer that over people wiht 124-125hp everywhere.
  5. Here are some ideas I've had for a while now. Feel free to let me know your opinion in the comments. ***DISCLAIMER*** Some of my ideas might not be possible to do but I still want to put it out there. New T2 talent : Corruption - Damaging ennemies has a chance to corrupt your opponent's weapon. If your weapon is corrupted, talents won't work for a short amount of time. E.G -> Damaging ennemies has 7.5-20% chance of corrupting their weapon. New T3 Talent: Elemental - Taking damage has a chance to activate one of the following: Eruption - Attackers have a chance to burst into flames for X amount of time. Earthquake - % on hit to damage and "shaken" the ennemy, Reducing their movement speed by X % Blizzard - % on hit to reduce aiming speed by X% and making them slide uncontrollably on any surface. Shock - small % on hit to shock the ennemy, paralyzing them for X amount of time. (while paralyzed, players will still be able to shoot or rotate their body) Black hole - for a small period of time, all players within a decent sized radius will be pulled towards you OR pushed away from you T3 or T2 Talent: Thorns - Your attackers will also take damage. E.G -> 30-55% on hit to deal 5-20% of the damaged received. New T1 Talent : Killing Machine - Each kill will increase the damage AND/OR the RPM of the weapon. E>G -> Rightful kills will increase the damage AND/OR RPM by 1-3% stacking up to 5 times. Now let's talk about Power-ups. Health bloom is hated by most players, here is some suggestions of power-ups that could replace HB. - Divinity - All elemental talents no longer affects you. (Ascended / Cosmic) - Swat - Starts each round with armor. ( High-end ) - Forest's gift - Healing effects are slighty increased ( Superior / High-end) That is it for now... hope you guys liked the ideas. Thank you for reading.
  6. YES! I want to bhop at mach 20 around the map again 😄
  7. -Ask for a Health bloom buff -You can only use Planetary weapons with health bloom equipped -Use chell model obviously -Bhop at mach 10 -Spamm crouch as much as possible -Throw flashbang for no apparent reasons -DO NOT kill the last player right away, delay as much as possible You should have the whole kit. Join me in the dark side P.S If someone hates on you, just say "Get gud skrub"
  8. Stock Rifle Stock Deagle. That's all you need so why would you need money???? Like imagine not being good at the game
  9. How about removing Health bloom? Change it to a power up that gives you armor instead. Innos could have armor now and Penetration would become more useful. *EDIT* While using frog hopper you have a delay until you can crouch again to prevent Jump crouch spamming? What do you guys think.
  10. Based on the evidence provided, the reported player did use the R word but I don't feel like it's severe enough for a ban. Therefore, the reported player will be warned "Hateful conduct. (F1 + F3 to read about our rules.)" Closed and archived.
  11. Based on the evidence provided, the reported player did break the HC rule. Therefore, the reported player will be banned 7 days for Hateful Conduct. Closed and moved to ban request.
  12. Based on the evidence provided by the victim, it is obvious that the reported player did RDM. Therefore, the reported player will be banned 1 day for Purp RDM Closed and moved to ban requests.
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