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  1. https://imgur.com/a/w2GTqx1
  2. I mean... They need to make it able for everyone to get the planatary. If not then people with good guns with destroy getting the planatary and the people less fortunate don't get any... (Rich get richer. Poor gets poorer)
  3. I just wanted to say good luck to everyone submitting a application and hope you get accepted! Just make sure to be patient and not rush staff. There is alot of people, so it will take time. Thank you staff for giving us opportunities to join the staff team! 🙂❤️
  4. howdy yall. Glyssa doesnt seem like a bully ;-;
  5. I dont think i will quit but i will certainly be looking for other games to play...
  6. Are jesters allowed to call out T's as KOS? if not is there a writen rule?
  7. Either way i wouldnt be able to get on XD. my brother got banned and its blocking me from gettin on 😠
  8. You have a very good point. I agree, they need to make it harder to win as jester. But then again its annoying when your T round gets obliterated by a jester getting killed for allowed T-baiting.
  9. I just wanna say hello everyone! I hope everyone is okay during the whole corona thing. If anyone needs a friend im in need of a friend too 🙂
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