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  1. U know how many times this idea has been denied because we all know one day someone will fine something broken asf about this weapon? Yeah, sorry but good luck getting this approved...
  2. Its stupid boy birthday tomorrow. 🙂 me and cat say thanks for looking at this.
  3. Bruh u know how many sweats would get planets? This event is meant to be a CHALLENGE not an event where all low levels get easy planets, yes it may be work but if ur deticated enough then just get one...
  4. Bruh IJC on some staff type ❤❤❤❤ right here
  5. Over the past 2 weeks I really notices something, I have little to no motivation to play this server anymore. I have tried my hardest to become something in this community and even attempt to join other friends moat discords and become staff and other ❤❤❤❤. Not really sure where I am right now but I have gone and seen so much drama over the couple years iv'e been playing and ❤❤❤❤, this server is just not my place to be, literally anytime I even try to be "positive" around people I just end up feeling like i'm becoming another toxic scumbag of this already corrupting community I lay in. I really just wish I could help people out of their problems but I really just can't at this point, i'm sick and tired of this bull❤❤❤❤. I may do some giveaway of my now useless items I used to have an attachment to but fr thanks to the people who had some good times with me. Thanks to moat I got through some ❤❤❤❤ on my time and life and thanks to everyone for just listening to my stupid ❤❤❤ rant. Who knows, I may become more consistant again during summer but for now I feel like I don't belong here and some others feel the same way, sorry moat that I gave up on others early. No one will probably care about this but hey, worth a try, - Speed. (if u still need help with ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING please DM me SpeedIsSped.#1604, I will always answer all u beautiful people)
  6. How about this, they don't add this gun. With the potential of this gun to pierce through targets this just wouldn't be fair to anyone going against it. In addition, the piercing part of this gun can potentially get T's to kill their own T buddies causing even more potential mass accidental RDM sprees, especially if a low level drops one. (and we all know they will...) As an alternative how about they add like an energizing rifle or m24 that way it will shoot lasers and it would also do maybe near the same damage as this idea states.
  7. Did my man just say, the slog actually hits it's shots? The reason they nerfed the accuracy in the first place was due to people being able to hit dead on cross map kills with it . Also being that the slog if you do miss a couple pellets isn't a one shot, some may even consider it a mid tier shotgun without talents like los panchos or rick ross. I'm honestly glad they nerfed it...
  8. Lately as some may have seen, there has been a huge influx of staff being added to the team recently. Not to name names but most of these new staff are 1) Not taking out their roles properly 2) abusing their role ex. taking only one side or false banning or 3) simply becoming inactive. In addition I have been seeing many more staff complaints about the new staff and many people subject to their bans have been making many appeals to be un-banned from their constant bans. And yes, I do appreciate those who are active and do carry out the job rightfully but we just can't really constantly approve a bunch of people with mid experience and then end up denying people with much, much more than they do. I know this is more of a rant however iv'e gotten from many of my friends and other players that this should be addressed immediately, thanks.
  9. Honestly, this should be more of a T weapon rather than a weapon. Just think about it, the melee with the push power or sending people into the next world during warm up and in game of obtained by low levels or trolls in general, there is going to be abuse of it. I'd say it should be added to the experimental server being MC 6 with the bass cannon among other things. I mean we already have the lightsaber and you can probably see how that goes in servers... Making it a T weapon would be pretty hot tho
  10. PC chat is legit one of the most CRUCIAL chats in the discord, without it scams would become more and more common leading to numerous low levels being scammed of millions. -1
  11. The addition of the scar is literally gonna be like another cross between 2 godly weapons that are already in the game and could possibly be even scummier than the PK. This idea has been suggested so many times over the past couple years and there is a reason why it hasn't been added to the servers...
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