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  1. BEST MAP KNOWN TO MAN TTT_EGYPT anyonw who doesnt agree ur dumb haha idiot
  2. Yeah please can I not be blind when I join a server with just being flooded with untextured pog faces? Thanks
  3. Bruh I sure ❤❤❤ hope you are joking... This is legit the main gun we need nerfed.
  4. Ah yes, making you deaf for 15 seconds sounds like a great idea. Not even a reliable talent either being 5-20%, more of an annoyance...
  5. Legit has the power of a call of duty stun... If you get hit by one, your are automatically DEAD.
  6. U know how many times this idea has been denied because we all know one day someone will fine something broken asf about this weapon? Yeah, sorry but good luck getting this approved...
  7. Its stupid boy birthday tomorrow. 🙂 me and cat say thanks for looking at this.
  8. Bruh u know how many sweats would get planets? This event is meant to be a CHALLENGE not an event where all low levels get easy planets, yes it may be work but if ur deticated enough then just get one...
  9. Bruh IJC on some staff type ❤❤❤❤ right here
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