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  1. I forgot ttt_mall and ttt_mount_base theres a t trap that s❤❤❤❤s in like 20 explosive barrels that crashes the server TTT_haunts_b1 and ttt_hauntedmanor I think they are same map ttt_dustycrops ttt_boreallis has lots of lag and the water is the walls from the previous map. You can't make it to the front to the back with out a blink or it will just take too long I think these are all the broken ones
  2. There are great maps out there some of which crash after round 1 making them un-playable. Here are some map that are broke that i know of ttt_canyon_tatadu TTT_rookgaard ttt_canvas_r219 or 230 don't remember ttt_submarine - don't know if it got fixed or not
  3. Yea this is a bad idea if it gets put it i feel like 50% of what it costed should get put into jackpot cuz its the lazy way of selling.
  4. Can someone help this man? I lost brain cells when reading.
  5. I would think it would be cool that there would be jihad sounds that you could use. There is alot of sound thats you could use. I played another server long ago in the days that had these and they made using the Jihad more fun. Like adding sounds like = This sucks camel dic, Its time to duel, Just Do it, John Cena, Bill nye science Guy, say what again i dare you , What are you doing in my swamp , Titanic song . Pepsi Man This will add in a lot of jokes for the jihad. I think this will make the jihad highly used more offen and make the server a little bit more fun. Put more in the comment section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I made that map played more prob has the best map music
  7. This will make us unable to boost the same maps over and over again and gives us the choice of a random 8 maps could be any maps
  8. This may sound crazy but I think this makes us play different maps and see news ones we might want to play again. If we can't play innocent motel,plaza,and crummy then we will be able to find the maps we never get to play.
  9. Thats why I don't listen to rap I Country man
  10. Whats lil peep? Is that a meme?
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=241187700 I think adding this model will be cool. It will make you look badass. I like it maybe you guys do idk but down or up vote it if you like or don't like i.
  12. Man this will fix the market fast
  13. You know event round dont take away round right?
  14. +1 No one uses the bdf that much cause its garb but this could revamp it.
  15. i forgot the Bruh Sound too
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