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  1. Due to the Offender not responding within the 24 hours, the report will proceed . STEAM_0:0:84702363 Will be banned for a day for Purposeful RDM.
  2. Due to Evidence and Failing to respond within 24 hours STEAM_0:1:107036628 will be banned for a day for Purposeful Rdm 2nd Offense β™‘
  3. Due to lack of Evidence. No actions will be taken, please upload screenshots of logs or a video next time Post will be moved.
  4. Due to Provided Evidence STEAM_0:0:196155947 Will be receiving a Permanently Banned for Attempt RDM / RDMING 3 or more players. β™‘
  5. Due to the evidence provided STEAM_0:1:128690753 Has RDM x2 & Will be receiving a 2 Day Ban as a result β™‘
  6. STEAM_0:1:70971290 (BugaboonApeGod22) Purposefully Mass RDMed and will be Permanently Banned in doing so.
  7. STEAM_0:1:70971290 (BugaboonApeGod22) has been contacted via Steam and has 24 hours to respond with their side.β™‘
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