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  1. Should be noted that people can also get into the spot with a good froghopper
  2. Sorry to break it to people but your -45 weight and +30% marathon runner isn't exactly fun or fair to play against, especially for new players who are just starting out and who are getting stomped with items that literally aren't meant to exist.
  3. Concept sounds fun as hell but I can already imagine all the glitched and out of map spots people can get into with an item like this.
  4. I only started to play again recently but with the way things are going playing isn't even fun anymore. I mean there are people who are using guns that literally aren't meant to exist. Since a wipe looks like the only way to solve this then we should wipe as soon as possible. What's the point in playing right now if you're just gonna go up against some guy with 143 health and a 0.1 second medicality. Even if you do tolerate them and play, we all know that eventually a wipe is going to occur to get rid of the broken items so why play right now when eventually we'll end up with nothing again. Since the wipe is practically inevitable we should do it sooner rather than later, because the sooner the wipe the sooner people can play knowing that the items they have aren't doomed to dissapear.
  5. 1+ Less stress = Quality of life = Quality of game experience = Quality of server experience
  6. Little Slugger : [T1} Melee only, it just increases push force. 5%-20%
  7. What wildcard xm has an rpm in the ten thousands or even an infinite rpm? Please direct me to this gun and I'll sell both of my kidneys for it
  8. Doesn't one of the stone talents already make you go invisible after a kill?
  9. I am 100% not a VIP, gibe me this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) imCrazyCold#6810
  10. Let's not allow people to buy 7 instant kill weapons off the bat
  11. SGs 1 tap head, I don't see anyone complaining about the dual variant
  12. I never closed the chat, I left it open for comments. The chat was only lost when map changed.
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