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  1. pc-d at 400k. highest offer i've gotten is 350k. valuing at 400. + 80k IC. Total amount: 480k.
  2. In-Game Name of Offender: lipsky.daniel SteamID of Offender: STEAM_1:1:53538190 Which server was this on?: I don't know. Date of Incident: 08/22/18 Report Reason: Hate speach and purp rdm What Happened: I was T. I killed an RDMer that attempted to murder me. He had been rdming for 5-6 rounds. I say it in chat, and say I kiled him. I get kosed for it. Thats fine. I did admit to kiling an inno. If someone killed me for that, there'd be no problem. The problem comes from the fact the person who killed me, Lipsky, said that he knew the RDMer was RDMing, and that he actually killed me on heavy sus. Later, that same round, he killed my T buddy for heavy sus as well. When asked why, he said everyone but him was proven. There was no tester, there was no portable tester either. When I asked how the last person was proven(Loopy), he says, "He didn't kill me. I knew it wasn't him". I later on said "So you killed both of us for heavy sus, right?" He then says, "Guess what? Guess what? It worked!" *see recording below* Next issue was when he RDMed another T. No recording as shadowplay wasn't working. He said that the reason he killed the T was "there was no one else that could have kill you". Well, the thing here is, that I killed myself. He killed a T based on a heavy sus. See screenshot below. Final issue was simply him calling a good friend of mine, a faggot, then telling him to kill himself. See end of video below. There are some other things not uploaded, but recorded, such as: More insults. 30 minutes of boring rounds. They were removed to save my internet. Me saying "ID or KOS", then kosing him for not IDing the body. He then proceeds to say I didn't give him time to ID it, but I did, and I kosed him after he shot me as well. And finally, him just randomly KOSing me as an inno. I was halfway accross the map. He just said "KOS sunbeak" and then didn't follow up on it. In the recording, you will hear faint coughing. That is coming from a friend of mine in discord. You might also hear Anime Enthusiast Otter talking. I was given the OK by an admin to use discord as long as no ghosting is happening. There was absolutely no ghosting whatsoever. My mic was not recording properly. Here is a non-verbatum transciption of what was said. Please excuse the audio volume as well. Starting at :1:10 Sun: "I'm proven I killed toomate.. Nevermind. I'm not proven, I still killed toomate" Sun: "KOS, uhhh" Lipsky: "It's him, he killed an inno. He called KOS on a.." Lipsky: "No.. You're a t. I knew it. Get outta here." 2:02 Lipsky: "It's cancer. *shoots him*. Yup. We were all proven besides him." Sun: "How was loops proven?" Lipsky: "He was proven because he didn't kill me. I knew it wasn't him." 2:30: Sun: "So you killed us both on heavy sus, right?" Lipsky: "Guess what? Guess what? It worked! It worked!" Sun: "You can't kill on sus." Lipsky: "And no, actually, you can use process of elimination." [nothing imporant for ~10 secs] I think this is what I said. I do not remember entirely: Sun: Can you try to avoid that in the future please? 3:05: Lipsky: "You can't fucking tell me to ID a body or [KOS]. [You're a] faggot dude, kill yourself. Otter: "Sunbeak." Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: No. Witnesses: Anime Enthusiast Otter Evidence: Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
  3. In-Game Name of Offender: JUSTICE MOAT.GG SteamID of Offender: STEAM_1:0:440291413 Which server was this on?: I don't know. Date of Incident: 08/14/18 Report Reason: Failiure to return item What Happened: I traded "JUSTICE MOAT.GG" to level my pan. I have asked him a few times to trade it back. Each time, he agrees to giving it back, then doesn't. Every steam message I sent(see: below) was sent while he was playing CSGO. None of them were sent while he was offline, aside from the message, "almost 8 hour csgo game". I don't believe he is doing this maliciously, but then again, I've given him 2 full days for either an excuse or for him to return it, with none being given. Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: No Witnesses: Evidence: ================ CHAT LOG (ID: 227624) ================ JUSTICE'S SON MOAT.GG: ill level up for 2k Sunbeak: Level to level 26 for 2k? JUSTICE'S SON MOAT.GG: so you give me it and when its done you give me money JUSTICE'S SON MOAT.GG: yes Sunbeak: do you know how long it'll take? JUSTICE'S SON MOAT.GG: 1 day Sunbeak: 1 day? JUSTICE'S SON MOAT.GG: maybe 2 at max Sunbeak: Deal. Do you have any collat? sorry to ask, this thing for a pot is worth like 20k lmao Sunbeak: I'll give ya 5k for the leveling. JUSTICE'S SON MOAT.GG: oh umm JUSTICE'S SON MOAT.GG: idk JUSTICE'S SON MOAT.GG: like Sunbeak: lmao i guess JUSTICE'S SON MOAT.GG: thats all i really got justice's son moat.gg (STEAM_0:0:440291413) Offered: ---------------------- IC: 0 ---------------------- ITEMS: ITEM #1: ---------- The Apprentice - LVL 16 - XP: 767/1600 High-End Uniquediff DMG: 116.7 + 16.7% RPM: 100 MAG: 12 + 2 ---------- +15.3% Accuracy -16.4% Kick +20.2% Range -6.6% Weight ---------- 2 Talents ---------- Accurate | Level 6 Accuracy is increased by 23.4%. ---------- Stability | Level 15 Kick is reduced by -15.9%. From the Titan Collection sunbeak (STEAM_0:1:55979032) Offered: ---------------------- IC: 0 ---------------------- ITEMS: ITEM #1: ---------- A Pot - LVL 10 - XP: 330/1000 Standard Meleediff DMG: 21.1 + 5.6% RPM: 149 + 24.2% MAG: ∞ ---------- +9.9% Push Delay +38.2% Push Force ---------- 3 Talents ---------- Desperate Times | Level 7 Your weapon will do 11% more damage if you are under 35.4 health. ---------- Visionary | Level 17 After killing a player, you have a 31.3% chance to see players within 97.3 feet through walls for 3.4 seconds. ---------- Dragonborn | Level 26 Players have a 13% chance to be thrown with 99.1x force when shot with this weapon. From the Melee Collection Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes