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  1. You are allowed to KOS of what a body tells you. If the last words were ' {name} is a traitor' then you can KOS that player. If it was an innocent then you can be killed for it because obviously you killed an innocent.
  2. The bouncy ♥♥♥♥♥ shouldn't collide with players, pretty much my only gripe. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ me off when i get stuck as a T on one and almost die/actually die fighting.
  3. Still waiting for the M4A1 nerf and RPM fix for certain guns
  4. Fix RPM on certain guns while you're at it, my AKTE still shoots slower than it should
  5. You threw a TNT here for no reason killing 2 people.Pups literally did nothing, walking out from a door towards You shot traitors for no reason, throwing TNT for no reason and so on. Having a report response reason of 'He was a traitor' is not good enough. The mic spam as well does not help your cause. What you explained and what my death scenes showed means you are lying in this request.
  6. It's just the way things are im afraid. Does it hurt when low lvls get planetaries? of course it does. It hurts even more when i have to ban said low lvls when they get drops. Just gonna have to get used to it im afraid.
  7. I keep getting asked this by pups so can we add this already. It's a decent map in minecraft. even better in normal. can we remove space station as a side note as well, thanks.
  8. Basically what suess said. The rules are common sense, if you have none then expect to be punished.
  9. This is basically why. You flat out lied about throwing it, and throwing it near an edge or a fall hazard (we were playing on the train map with falls either side) is purposeful rdm.
  10. I mean yes it could be great. The whole idea of having separate factions/clans/guilds or whatever would add a competitive side to the game. BUT, a big but is that what would happen is that the higher lvl people would most likely band together to form a power house. I used to play something called gangwars back in the day and the same thing happend there, the group that was the most powerful was the group that had the best of the best in it and so everyone else just gave up in the end trying to fight back. I could see it happening here as well in this case. I know this isn't the same game mode, but the core problem is still there. hey, i might be wrong its just me looking at it this way but its still there.
  11. TBH only a certain few would use it and not nearly enough to warrant actually putting someone onto it to maintain it when they can be better used on the server instead.
  12. I totally understand this. I mean personally i don't want any high-ends at all as it just floods the servers with more unnecessary IC. But when i first started out it was hard and i can see it being even harder without high-ends for new players to receive. Giving new players at least something to work towards to improve their inventory would be nice and not just IC and EXP.
  13. TBH if this was to be a thing then the easy bounties should reward you only IC and EXP because they are just trivial. While the hardest ones such as A teams should reward you with a high-end. The middle one should reward you with a 50/50 crate to maybe get a high-end.
  14. I opened 1 spring crate and got a spasinator with CM and speedforce so ... yea. but still -1 for on topic.
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