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  1. Will keep that in mind for the future Like I said, it's disabled Will look into it We're currently looking into changing this No
  2. Post this in the talent megathread.
  3. Changed, feel free to open a new thread to discuss this change.
  4. You can discuss this in the pinned thread
  5. They are meme weapons
  6. Like TheMiningAlex said, you have 24 hours to do the bounties.
  7. Ling

    dual bow

    Adding dual to bows would be tricky because of the way bows work, furthermore they would be fairly overpowered. We're not adding this.
  8. We'll keep this in consideration for the next meme crate.
  9. Post this in the talent megathread.
  10. What talents that I said were fixed for bows aren't working? Just saying "fix bow talents" doesn't help me at all. Brutal, Center Mass and Fracture don't work because of the way bows work. Is Vampiric not working? It worked when I tested it. Silenced didn't work and I pushed a fix for this. Explosive is disabled for bows. Proc rates for low RPM guns (yes dennis) might be altered in the future. Additional bows might be added in future updates.
  11. They are nocollided now
  12. Post this in the pinned talent megathread.
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