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  1. Brp the first time i joined moat, moat dropped a bunch of planetary deagles. I think i still have damaged ears from it. also you should give me stuff cus i didnt get anything back but my model and im brok. pls
  2. I feel like adding a way to ban yourself from gambling/buying crates for a time of your choosing, basically banning themselves from spending money for a chance to make more. I don't think it would be needed or anything i just think it would be nice.
  3. I think a Waldo model would be pretty cool
  4. Disc: Ken#5392 IGN: Ken I want to win because i started playing moat again like a month or two ago and still haven't managed to get anything good. I also think i remember you killing me while we were both T's on accident. At least i think it was an accident.
  5. In-Game Name of Offender Baconated Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:1:102556035 Date of Incident 03/06/2020 Report Type Purposeful RDM Your Discord ID Ken#5392 Description Baconated threw 2 props at me, first one doing 25 damage, the second one killing me. Evidence Video below Attachments IMG_3415.MOV
  6. Your In-Game Name: Ken [moat.gg] Your Steam ID: 76561198409981482 Which server where you banned on?: TTT #1 Staff Member that Banned You: Burnsy Ban Reason: Purp RDM & Leave (1st Offense) Ban Length: 24 hours Did you break any rules?: Yes What Happened: As innocent, I accidentally shot another innocent in the head, then slew myself. before the next round started I crashed, and couldn't get back on. A couple of hours later, I came back to being banned. Witnesses: Have you read over our rules?: Yes Do you regret doing what you did?: Yes Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes
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