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  1. thats supposed to be a cosmic?? Those are literally ascended stat ranges for damage and rpm. this 100% needs a buff, cause why care about getting a monte carlo, a unique, over an aqua crate equivelent. Aqua crates reload max is 33% only 7% less without having any weakened stats. Big ol' +1
  2. the new event damands Headshots. with all weapons. this includes shotguns, its not that we're wanting to useit badly/wrong reasons its that to actually do the event, we need to.
  3. trying to get headshot kills with shotguns (especially s12) is like gambling. because sometimes the killing pellot hits the head, other times it hits anywhere but the head. A change needs to happen because as it stands, if you want a shotgun planet, you literally have to bash your head against rng and pray that it actually counts. or just spend 125 rounds barrel stuffing against only their head. ❤❤❤ forbid you do it with mossburg. Either lower the count for HS on shotgun/raise the kills needed or replace it with 'dunno. Limb kills?? not sure what could replace it. it just needs changing so players working on shotguns can get the gun they are working on.
  4. you're giving up your best talent choices (Healing, Boom, Ammo) for this. it should be alright for it to er towards a bit more powerful due to this fact.
  5. this would truthfully be the most optimal choice, but I just find the zappy zap and ragdoll funny. lmao. In all seriousness, this would definantly solve the issue that - - this points out.
  6. so I was playing on the server and talking about how I wished asasin would be buffed, and another player named Nyano made a neat suggestion as a counter to my idea of making it proc every kill. the suggestion is as follows: standard kill % would stay the same (or buffed a smidge) but it would always proc if you killed with a HS. Rewarding* you for actually aiming, as well as possibly making it a very nice option for sniper rifles, deagles and other 1tap weapons. What are other people's thoughts?
  7. Yet memes exist. These can get a 5% damage bump. These still don't feel as powerful as they were before their original nerfs
  8. This could still be a neat cheep alternative. Cause bonds are inhibitively expensive. I for one would really like something like this!
  9. I still feel mine has worth, but thank you for the info.
  10. I figured event crates were exception. But I will update later.
  11. What if one slot is capable of being both cosmetic equip OR grenade and other is exclusively cosmetic. So you could have one grenade and a cosmetic. Or two cosmetics, but no grenade.
  12. I believe I got everything that was in the spreadsheet. But I am in the process of getting it double and triple checked. Thank you. Edit: also it won't include guns that simply can't be obtained. So no minigun, duals minigun, or summer climb stuff.
  13. A simplified list of guns, for those interested in collecting or simply want to see what guns there are without getting bombarded by information from the Guns Spreadsheet. All guns listed in the spreadsheet are listed by their base origins and weapon type. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nWzoKC-hZwa78XOwcd7wC3IZbl5yO2HeKKSw3PcEQeg/edit?usp=sharing
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