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  1. I wasn't quite sure if staff still had a reserved slot, because it never seemed to work for me. Even when servers were full, without any other staff on, I still had to wait. I don't know if a developer can confirm whether this still works or not. Anyway, are you sure your point is to remove the free slot for staff, or is your point that you would like more active responses in the help channel?
  2. Everything really has been said, but what's bothering me is the wrong use of your > and <. > = bigger than < = smaller than So what you mean is a server for <lvl 10 players. Enjoy this free lesson.
  3. Since there is such a lot of positive feedback, could I get a response from a developer or anything? Are you guys actualling considering suggestions? Just wondering.
  4. I don't think I need to say much more, ttt_dolls was also in the map vote two times (so even before this silly boost) Can we please do something about this?
  5. Why don't you just bind stopsound to a key?
  6. Yeah you can compare it to that, just a little fancier and cooler. Not anyone can get it, just people who are lucky or with enough money. The damage should be balanced, ofcourse.
  7. This sounds like a looooot of development for a simple issue. I'm holding money for 2 people. I keep track of everything I get from them and give back to them in a notepad. It ain't that hard. It doesn't even take a minute to edit the values. Verbal contracts, good trust and good tracking is easy to do and doesn't require a system. If you want rent, just calculate the rent. I appreciate your thinking but I would say this isn't necessary at all.
  8. What about a planetary throwable? I don't believe we have one and I came up with a cool idea. Fireworks Fireworks is basically a sort of Dynamite/Babynade but fancier and with more explosions. You throw your firework in the air or on the ground, after a short delay it will explode and burst into 4 smaller explosions. All these explosions could have a different color particle or a different color trail attached to the firework objects. The main firework thing will deal slightly more damage than a babynade, and the smaller explosions will deal half the damage of the main firework. The fuse time of the main firework will be 0,5 seconds quicker than a babynade. The fuse time for the 4 separate fireworks will be 1,5 seconds. To make collecting these things a little more interesting, each of the 'Firework' could have different color stats, which could look like this: Main: Yellow Separate 1: Green Separate 2: Blue Separate 3: Purple Separate 4: Green So when you throw your firework, the first explosion will be yellow, then 2 of the smaller ones would be green and 1 of the others will be blue and purple, The fireworks will come with the necessary sounds and visuals ofcourse. What do you guys think?
  9. So there is one thing that bothers me most about most maps, and that is that the spawnpoints are all next to each other. This will cause people who need some time to load the game, or alt tab back in the game, or whatever to probably get instakilled as soon as the round starts. Usually by a babynade or something like that. However, this is not my main issue. My main issue with this is that the gameplay only focusses around the spawnpoint. People camp there all the time, it's like they don't know what else to do. Sometimes the maps don't really have much else to do. And after all, there are plenty of AFKs right there that could be killed by a Traitor, so why not watch out for that? My suggestion would be for a mapper, or multiple to change the spawnpoints on these maps so that they are more random and spread out across the map. I hope there's already an easy system for this, because it would probably take a looong time and I don't think anyone would actually want to get out of their way to do this. Either this or remove some maps that have this. Isn't there a way to change in the server code that every player will spawn on a random position in the map? Some examples of this are kakariko (which in my opinion is already a bad map), community_pool, lost_temple (which I like, but the spawn ruins the map), grove street (people actually die when spawning in each other), that other map that's located on a street with a few buildings (can't remember the name), and probably lots of other maps that I can't think of right now. People make an effort to create a great map. It's a shame maps don't actually get played but only revolve around certain spawnpoints, I wish there was a way to tackle this problem.
  10. I like the idea, but I would rather make it something like: Dmg 90-110 body as you said, 200 headshot Rpm 25-50 Mag 1-2 And an incredibly high kick you get, like a true bolt-powered rifle. Either cosmic and/or planetary tier. Oh and high accuracy and range ofcourse, and usually heavy weight.
  11. Okay so bows are barely used even when they were one shot. This explains that when I was using my bow today on full power (117 damage) it didn't one shot a guy from 3 metres. What the? I thought that was me. What's the point in using bows now? Bring back one shot bows! They were perfectly fine.
  12. I don't wanna speak for the developers but I am pretty sure this isn't gonna work or will be too much of a hassle to make it work with the already existing dual wield guns. I would say it's not worth it.
  13. Maybe replace some maps, yeah. But how about make it so you are unable to boost a map that has been played within the past 5 maps. Also, remove duplicate maps! Please! People can go from the same map to basically again the same map. Why would you want to have 5 ttt_dolls, 67thway or even 2 McDonald's? Not to mention that fastfood is basically the same. Like we get it, you like dolls, 67thway and community_pool and I am not saying these maps are bad but.. try something new you know? Don't forget maps that have cluttered spawns that sometimes actually instakill you during preparing phase.
  14. Ok so I do agree with you, but only partly. You say that it can become dozens of pages long. But if we look at this rule for example: Not allowed: "KOS'ing someone before asking them to ID a body." Allowed: "They murdered an innocent. (Please ask to ID body)" That's how it is in the rules of F3 right now. So what we see here is two of the same rules, pretty much. So one could actually disappear if you think that the rules might get too long. And it's easy to make this more specific. For example: "They murdered an innocent. (Please ask to ID body)" could become "They murdered an innocent. (Please ask to ID body IN TEXTCHAT)" a small edit, which doesn't take any extra reading but does clear things up. This could probably be done for most, if not all rules. Now for the 'extra indepth rules' if that really does get too much, at least put a link in the rules to these extra rules, so that people can at least find them somewhere. And for the last bit: "It creates a headache to update the list to handle that single situation" well, isn't that the point of rules? Isn't that how it works in the real world? Isn't that what admins should do? Why else would you have rules if it's 'too much effort' to update them? I don't want to personally offend anyone, but to me this sounds like "too much work so I won't do it" while in fact there hasn't been paid any attention to it.
  15. So someone takes the time to make a giant list of hidden rules, but then no one proceeds to actually make this visible to the public (on the server)? What? Am I the only one that thinks this doesn't make any sense? While this rule sounds logical, it is a bit weird to punish someone for not knowing a rule because it's nowhere to be found. So based on THAT rule, that there is no evidence, there is also not any evidence that THAT rule exists? So that's a little double standard, no?
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