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  1. Zap


    zed is really a B U M i told him is it ok he said yes lmao
  2. Zap


    i was thinking about doing a raffle for a gun. This spas 12 https://imgur.com/a/0kULCMb Thinking about 20 people doing 50k or 10 people doing 100k. This has not started yet but if a couple people agree down below i can start today. I will be choosing winner live with some random chooser. Or if you wanna make it real fun I can setup a 1ic battle tournament and winner gets the gun. If you have and constructive criticism or tips or new ideas let me know.
  3. Final Stand - which basically makes your character go into a final stand that will allow the player to get back up after 15 seconds if not killed in that time frame. Final stand is when you're basically crawling right before you're dead. It was used in call of duty to help bad players if they die easily. So if shot they can go prone and have a pistol in there hand and get a chance to kill there enemy. Money maker- Doubles the items you get after each kill example: Usually when you get a kill as a T or inno killing a T you get the usually reward like a melee crate or a bad gun but with this power up. It allows you to get double the reward for getting kills. So you will get two random items each kill both can be horrible but just for lower level players to help them gain more inventory and more crates to open. Sight: Allows you to see better while being flashed Ghost: cant be seen by infra sight and Mark Please let me know if any of these are good. I fully understand the final stand is prob not possible but the last 3 are not bad ideas I thought of.
  4. Zap

    Jester Wacky Round?

    I believe Jester should be a wacky round.
  5. making them a T3 talent if combined.
  6. Zap

    Favorite Song

    I have been listening to this sick band called vacations they are sick my fav song is prob. "on your own" or "on hold". I honestly have like same 8 songs on repeat but these songs are amazing. Now they do have a viral song on tiktok that you prob heard called "Young". Also my whole life I have listened to rap like x x x and juice wrld and chris brown etc but this man is a different vibe. The titles to there music is so close to home and listening to people like drake and young thug it really is hard to compare our lives but there songs is about finding love and moving out as a teen etc. I like it and it sounds nice. It might be in inner California boy in me lol. Thanks for reading an make sure to drop a song below. I would love to see what @coleis jamming too. 🙂
  7. https://imgur.com/a/wEPqdaT
  8. https://imgur.com/a/wEPqdaT c/o 600kic pure
  9. I have a light saber i am willing to trade for but i would want a slight over pay.
  10. Im trying to buy them all. Obv with ic... unless jkjkjkjjk unless... Cough'em up
  11. actually 1 was already picked so ima do 99
  12. never. lol been waiting longer.
  13. How long have you waited for your comp tickets. Let’s all post how long it takes or how fast it takes cole to look at your comp ticket. I’ve been waiting over 2 weeks for $300+ worth of support credits this server owes me from the roll back. Not to mention my 2 million in weapons I still haven’t received but whatever right, cole must be super *ucking busy right. He must me getting 10k comp tickets must be tiring him so much sitting on a chair and fixing what you messed up. He’s literally understaffed asf hired more trial staff that barely know the game and you’re still under staffed because you need more DEVELOPERS. HIRE MORE DEVELOPERS COLE THIS IS NOT HATE THIS IS CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM GET MORE HELPERS IF YOU CAN GET TO OUR COMP TICKETS NOBODY SHOULD BE WAITING A WEEK FOR SOMETHING THE PAID THERE HARD EARN MONEY AND AND DAYS THEY HAVE SPENT TRYING TO GET A GUN FROM OTHERS/CRATES. HOW LONG WILL WE HAVE TO WAIT TO BE COMPED I LITERALLY HAVE EVIDENCE FOR ALL MY COMP TICKETS. Where is my SC. WHEN I PAID FOR MY SUPPORT CREDITS DID I MAKE YOU WAIT 2 WEEKS OR DID THAT MONEY HIT YOUR POCKETS INSTANTLY.
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