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  1. My new years resolution is to go out and make some friends so im not as lonely anymore
  2. Your Steam Display Name: Ricmetal Your In-Game Name: Ricmetal Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:62262040 Which server were you banned on?: not sure says it was from a week ago Staff Member That Banned You: have not been banned yet but have been perma slain by demoniccrow Reason Banned: Purposeful RDM x2 How Long You Were Banned: Permanently What Happened: I joined the server today to find out I was being slain for purposeful rdm x2 move to perma one week ago by demoniccrow as far as I know I haven't purposefully rdmed anybody and I would like to find out what happened to cause this and potentially fix it if possible it also seems im only getting slain on server 2 as well Did You Break Any Rules: No Witnesses: not sure who was on at the time the issue has been resolved and does not need to be addressed anymore