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  1. No, it an either or situation. I feel like having a maximum of 125hp for anyone will be nice, and will allow Health Bloom to be countered in some way.
  2. Ok Enrage was meant to counter health bloomers who uses lich and sustain which is why it is tier 3 and contain tier 2. These two were there to grant you extra HP and deny others from getting any. It does mean that people with health bloom will use them but remember it can give you a maximum of 25 hp, which to most people is about 2 bullets worth. The Summoners are there to give more survivability and DPS to those with snipers, bows and shotguns mostly, These Tier 1 talents are there to improve certain gun users. MP5 would not favour these since they just not help but people who uses slower rpm guns like the snipers and shotty users. Enrich was best explained here; All I would add is that I want enrich to be used for the players who wanted to do good and want to improve better with guns or their stats and talents. It also allows players to think about their gameplay now that they are getting rewarded for some rightful kills. And for Attune and Endurance. Attune help out spread weapons and AK, which some people would like. it was meant as in the more you do good with the weapon the better it will improve. It for those people who are in gunfight a lot and need some steadfast usages. Endurance is the pinnacle of this staying alive at 1 health as a one time only help out people in all cir❤❤❤stances because it stop sneaky people, rdmers, baiters, health bloomers and encourages more well rounded and people with master experience with a certain type of gun to rise up.
  3. Endurance works like this once hit the health (5-20) you will survive anything at 1 health for 20-45 seconds, which now could be a little to much, you can continue shooting and healing since you won't die but after that 20-45 seconds you will die if you get shot to 0 health and endurance doesn't activate more than once.
  4. So, the talent have been given to hard have lent toward more hard forceful use for weapon. Well I like the idea of having some more defensive talent on all tiers, but not just any defensive talents, these defensive talent can be applied into dire situation which most people would find themselves in, especially with jesters and rdm'ers around. So these are tactical defensive talents which help people who wanna 1v5 people. Tier 1 Talents Summon Healer - After a rightful kill, Summon a healer who grant you (5-10)% max health regeneration and a (10-30) shield for (15-35) Seconds Summon Striker - After a rightful kill, Summon a striker for (15-35) Seconds who will attack any players who shoot at you for (5-10)% of this base weapon's damage Tier 2 Talents Enfeeble - Shooting a bullet at a target grants a (2-5)% damage reduction at the target stacking (3-7) times. The target will keep this effect for (7-20) seconds Contain - Shooting a bullet at a target grants a (4-8)% healing reduction at the target stacking (3-7) times. The target will keep this effect for (7-20) seconds Enrich - Each rightful kill with this gun grant some gold of (3-7)ic. Lucky you! Tier 3 Talents Attune - Each bullet grants a (20-45)% chance to increase accuracy, range, kick and stability positively by (3-5)%, up to (15-35)%, lasting for (15-40) seconds. Enrage - After each rightful kill, increase your max health by (1-5), stacking up to (5-25) maxiumum health. Also grants a reduction of other on hit talents by (5-20)% for (10-40) seconds Endurance - While holding this weapon, You're allow to survive at 1 heath if you go under (5-20) health, lasting for (20-45) seconds. Activated 1 time, will be deactivated after use. And that all for the tactical defensive talents, I would love to hear your thoughts, comments and criticism about this because these talents have been in my notes for a while and I thought this would be a good idea to see what you guys think of them. P.S. On hit talents only describe Rick Ross, Los Panchos and any other projectiles from weapon's talents.
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