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  1. Call the admin/record the spam and kick the cretin! And spread the method how 2 mute on tab in game.Why do you need so much power to solve simple problems?What are u?A fucking liberal? Are you a filthy liberal? I hate the damned liberals!
  2. I lost my child! Bring him back!!!!! SHAAAAAAAAAAUUUN!!!!Pls!I beg u! Thats all i want! Bring back my boy!!!! 😞 (gimme back my babynade)
  3. And now active weapon slots are cleaned.My babynade got deleted!FUCK! I lost my child! SHAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUN!!!!1
  4. Moat: NO WIPES! Everything is FINE! Bruh:And there a lot more of that op shit.
  5. In-Game Name of Offender Dad moat.gg Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) steam_0:1:45541768 Date of Incident 03/26/2020 Report Type Abusive Votekicker Your Discord ID Description I didn't do anything. I just got kicked for no reason. He didn't warn me or something. I blocked this kid because he is 2 salty when he loses/plays the game.And i dont want 2 hear his screams .Sorry. he didn't give a message why he was kicking me. So basically its abuse of VK.(If he was asking something/demanding he can understand that i blocked him because when he asks/demand he always screems. (And i dont want 2 hear loud noises without any sense in it.) if someone doesn't respond on your screem->that mean u are muted or player cant hear u=>ask someone 2 spread your msg. Ask 2 deliver it 2 player. That is simple. ) I was chillin after round begin(preround) and no one warned me/asked something. Just few people blocked my path on the stairs. But they was silent. Just ordinary situation. I did no harm 2 them. I dont know why they kicked me. In Previous round i killed "Dad" because he start shooting me with his gun=>t act=>i shot him dead. Thats fair. But after killing him and iding the body (dad)player named Coronavirus came 2 me and tried 2 shot me->he didn't succeed. He got killed by me 2(and he was inno!). Probably that why they kicked me? idk. Screenshots https://imgur.com/JxmmVy3 https://imgur.com/KROqONT https://imgur.com/nvYidbp Attachments
  6. In-Game Name of Offender "_y33t" Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:0:241436121 Date of Incident 03/25/2020 Report Type Purposeful RDM Your Discord ID Description He killed a man who was near teleporter. But u should warn 3 times before killing people if u claimed some area.but problem is that loling522 | moat.gg came 2 the room with music.He was just wondering around. And _y33t claimed SECRET ROOM with music.But lolli didnt came there! Evidence https://imgur.com/6JVXfxe https://imgur.com/QAMP4Gw Attachments
  7. In-Game Name of Offender s8nPlz Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) idk Date of Incident 03/05/2020 Report Type Other TTT Violation Your Discord ID Description Hello. This moderator could not manage the report for two weeks (as he said.) I counted about 16 days [Evidance 1] .Including the day I notified him of the problematic report and its delay. It was the 3rd of March. To the question, he replied that he did not have free time to review my report. Although his profile notes that he was active for the entire period of report downtime. He wrote on other topics, sorted out old reports. I also went to his profile almost every day, he was active almost every day. He went to the site. I also asked him a question about the possibility of transferring this report to another moderator. To which he replied that he could deal with him. Apparently he can’t. I understand that each player and moderator has his own personal life and responsibilities. But this moderator could calmly pass the report into the hands of someone more active / free from his duties. He also confirms that he was busy with his duties at school and could not fully review the report. What you can see in this correspondence.[Evidance 2] After a short correspondence, he revealed some activity and responded to my report. But unfortunately, its activity was reduced to 0 after that. It has been 3 days. I more than understand his busyness and difficulty in parsing the report. But I think that he is obliged to transfer it to another moderator, as this can drag on for a whole week. And at this time, the players noted in the report will continue to break the rules and spoil the game for all of us. Thank you for understanding. Ps:Yes, I saw his message that he could make out this report by the end of the week. I can not rely on this moderator. I hope you understand. In the end, I would like this report to be reviewed by another moderator. A moderator who was inactive for 16 days was given an oral warning that would state that such a wonderful human ability exists. I am talking about asking for help. Asking for help is a very wonderful option if you cannot do it alone or you don’t have time for it. It is not a shame to use this opportunity. We are all humans. Thank you for understanding! Have a nice day! Evidence [Evidance 1] [Evidance 2] https://moat.gg/community/profile/45128-s8nplz Attachments
  8. Nerf vss. It's 2 fast. U can no scope people across the map. Same goes for glocks. Decrease range when no scoped for them. Peacekeeper-decrees rpm and headshot stats. It's 2 op 2 use. I give away my peacekeepers because they were 2 op. I should decon them, but I can't 😞
  9. So basically I can use my bind "I'd or kos"? Right? In this situation I will be right one:some kid walking on non id->im watching it->he saw the body and me telling it in the chat(I'm in front of him in 4-7 meters.) ->he didn't check it->i killed a t. I'm I right? Or I need to stop, write the name of the player, write location where the body is and wait until t kills me? Or I just can use simple ID OR KOS? If player saw me of course.
  10. Agreed.But If wild 🐒 doesn't do illegal staff this doesn't mean that other council members would do the same. How would u check their loyalty 2 server? How would u knew that they are not slippery 🐍?! Huh? I knew some guy from a server. He seemed nice and chill. But after some time I saw his true form. He is a dick. He was playing it all along. He just wanted 2 act nice 2 get what he wanted. Attention and staff. So what we can do against it?Watch their play time? Asking then a questions? "Would u do illegal staff in council?Doooh?" More people in charge ->more risks. Should we made that council a thing? The answer is no.
  11. Who is the owner of the server? >moat Who is helping him with community? >Jerry(same person XD) >admins/staff/mods. Why do we need some people ruling the server and making it AIDS 🚮? We have a nicely done system. People make suggestions->we rate them. Everyone is equal. We can like/dislike something. But we can't forcefully deny somebodys idea/suggestion.If it something that u can't understand/like->u can vote against it->but if other people like->they will like it no matter what. And u can't abort that idea/deny something. Yes. Suggestions is not that active. But what do u want?! Approvung every suggestion and making server 🚮 with colorful guns with insane stats and even talents?!?!!! Are u crazy?!? And shiny boxes with guns and loot?! If we make that it's no longer a ttt! That's a cs go! Oh wait! Never mind... XD Btw, we are picking good ideas->rate them->but it's still not your server. It's BELONG 2 a person. So we can't demand 2 throw something in the game without thinking, even if we like it so much. Do we actually need some 🐒 on the council? I think we are fine. Ps:if it's working why would we need to fix it?
  12. Decrease range. Don't touch dmg/rpm.Or it will be a fucking disappointment of a gun. They are already not that good 2 use against NORMAL guns/players.They will kill u faster then u empty half a clip. And don't forget about armor on detectives./t. Not that good against them. Yes, they have good rpm, but they have really low magazine size. U should use glocks wisely, 2 escape(like damage some players and heal/slow them down) or kill a player with low health. What if I say NERF shotguns that have torso talent? What the point?! They are made for close range. Counter the glocks with health bloom/armor/speed/jump.Play a game!
  13. Hello! Why are u not watching/judge the rule breakers from my report? It's been a while. For like month. If u can't do it yourself please give it to another mod who is competent enough 2 not wait few years 2 watch one simple report. Btw:those rule breakers are ruining the game at that time. They got a few reports about purp rams+role ghosing=metagaming.

    Ps:thank u for understanding. Have a nice day. 

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    2. Tom Gervais

      Tom Gervais

      If someone is busy/don't have compitence 2 deal with things->u can always ask for help another staff, or at least inform someone about it. Because of your "absence" we still have kids metagaming and ruining the game(talking only about my report) 

      And other thing,. I can't find staff complaint thing. Am I blind? 

      Btw I'm not attacking u. I'm just saying what I saw/notice.Thats all. No offense. 

    3. s8nPlz


      https://moat.gg/community/forms/5-submit-a-report but just fill it out with my info if you REALLY want to make one.

    4. Tom Gervais

      Tom Gervais

      Ok. Thanks for finding staff complaint "system" Have a nice day. 

  14. In-Game Name of Offender Ryaninsolencee moat.gg Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:0:92908573 Date of Incident 03/02/2020 Report Type Purposeful RDM Your Discord ID Description I was chillin behind the wall.i threw babynade at people->hide->no one koesed me/saw me.He was watching another way in D scene. So he run around the place untill he saw me.After that he just straight purp rdm me with no evidance or proof. Evidence https://imgur.com/bjfvj00 https://imgur.com/ghuSAzL https://imgur.com/Ck5spMk https://imgur.com/7uj8t9s https://imgur.com/tVHukYl Attachments
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