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  1. c4 not enabled and blinking to reach unintentional spot if exploiting.
  2. mine were duped too but if you delete the dupe you delete the main gun.
  3. So if an egirl is demanding all this attention and giving people a ♥♥♥♥ attitude that don't agree with her, and all her white knights come to defend her clueless start harassing you, your telling me you can't call them simps or that be hateful conduct? this is just bound for disaster in another zomb.org way.
  4. I don't have a vendetta i am speaking from experience with the rule, back then the rule made no sense you say the word and you would get a 1 week ban. which made no sense now its just the same thing but rewarded. its not great.
  5. I was banned for several months without a valid reason, a bunch of other people that i used to talk to also got banned for hateful conduct for simply not agreeing with staff. when this rule got removed things were peaceful again.
  6. I See this and alot of the player base have nightmares from how it used to be. using the same name and almost having the rules the same doesn't help. there needs to be some ease on it and freedom, people want to be able to talk to each other with a hateful tone sometimes that how people speak to each other without being censored. sometimes people have stuff to get off their chest. doesn't mean they hate each other all the time sometimes its to get a rise out of someone and that shouldn't be allowed. there needs to be a line between both having fun with freedom and having security if someone is being bullied. forcing people to act a certain way is not freedom, and admins think they should be removed from the community. also id like to add in, i am a vary friendly guy even towards toxic people i sometimes calm them down. there is other ways to approach someone then banning them.
  7. You mean more forced terms under threats of being banned. an example i can find hateful, you making fun of my priority s and calling them messed up, that is pretty hateful. because that is how the hateful conduct rule used to be in the day minor insults would receive a ban. now i am saying if bullying hurts you and your saying stop ACTION should be taken.
  8. You guys are thinking this is a real world business, this is a video game yea there can be a bunch of people spamming nagative words but in the end sometimes acting like a fool or starting arguments helps with some peoples days and they used that to vent. that is where i brought up the anti bullying rule if a person doesn't want this behavior towards them they should say STOP! but others have things to get off their chest that happen in game. some do so by using big boy words.
  9. And that is why id like it removed because its going to be used as a filter, instead of free speech. and if someone doesn't like someone they will have an excuse to ban someone. i rather have it be directly based on interactions instead of filtering specific words like in the past. all it would take is for someone to record and report them for saying the word and they would recieve a ban lets end that cycle.
  10. Hateful conduct has nothing to do with toxicity, and in my suggestion i do mention that we should repleace it with a anti bullying rule for people that get offended.
  11. Today players were angry and upset about hateful conduct being reintroduced and it upset alot of the new members that came to this community. and to be honest for the past four months the server has been in peace without it. we really didn't need a rule change we needed some Input from the community. too much stuff happens behind the scenes and we have no control. but today i am saying we as a community don't want hateful conduct to be a thing, we don't want the OLD ways we want things how they were last week. Lots of people are feeling oppressed on the way things have been this week... this is a online game where people can have fun and express themselves freely. Id like you to hear the player base on this . we were at peace I am making a suggestion and putting my input in now and a lot of players including staff have their input on this. The only thing i suggest instead of just filtering words just add in a obsessive bullying rule instead, if someone says stop then action should be taken it worked for community in the past and i think it would be suitable for the moat community. as for the past 4 months that how things were working out just add a somewhat hard punishment for it and not blame the words being said. blame that attitude. vary rarely would someone go as far as harassing someone brutally on voice or discord, but instead of filtering the words filter the attitude towards someone and make that punishable. When someone says STOP leave them alone. Edit: If You believe that it should change up vote The Thread, approval is also nice too and remember be kind to each other in the comments.
  12. i know moat just released the jester round but did anyone tell him we are in may and not April? April fools was last month, can we please remove jester rounds?
  13. If jesters T bait or shoot the detective they get banned for karma loss. so in theory its not a good idea, jesters is allowed to t bait EVERYONE but detective or they lose karma.
  14. you basically read the cons to us and i can say that its a horrible idea. English server = English name.
  15. its good as gone. GG
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