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  1. I was just wondering how to disable the monthly subscription because I don't have a paypal account and I used a credit card.


    1. Pyric


      @CannibalNaziSpider your guide might be useful here

    2. Arctic Freeze

      Arctic Freeze

      @ProAmbitions If you payed as a guest without an account you will need to contact paypal (best by phone) tell them you payed as a guest without an account but accidently signed up for a subscription and have no way of canceling it, give them your most recent trasaction ID (found in your confirmation emails)  from the subscription and give it to them, they should be able to cancel it for you. If you have any additional problems you can DM me on here or on our discord under the same name.



    3. ProAmbitions


      It worked thanks for the help


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