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  1. come play something other than gmod holy ♥♥♥♥ this game is trash go play cs or something
  2. did you really just write an essay this is the most goober ♥♥♥♥ ive ever seen
  3. pretty sure website gambling has been shut down before since its a legal grey area, could see the other things being useful
  4. since this thread is revived for some reason there doesnt even have to be rewards attatched with it i just think a wider variety of stats would be interesting and a leaderboard would be a solid flex lol
  5. literally this ive started to lose brain cells as this thread develops
  6. +1, shouldn't have to worry about staff being overbearing on the mic / micspamming, also helps if less simple rules need a verbal explanation
  7. doesn't mean we should cater just to new players, the general consensus in here seems to be that it should stay since its an easy to use T weapon but it needs a nerf
  8. it's pretty easy to get a gun that can compete with planetaries in a few hours of game time (jungle tap, mp5, deadeye, etc) the point is that the awp as a t weapon is overpowered and literally has no drawbacks
  9. reduce mag size to 1, only fireable when scoped in, and have some sort of delay when scoping
  10. what about level 200 guns im gonna get there
  11. homie the spot doesn't matter you purp rdmed because you felt like taking fake rules into your own hands
  12. and so you decided to purp rdm people who did so lmao
  13. Counter proposal, if you whine about people for killing you while you're jumping in a corner (aka playing the game), you're banned for a week
  14. This just makes shotguns even less skill based, rng pellets to the head would be cancer
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