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  1. Maybe make this our first planetary melee weapon. Would be pretty sick to have imo.
  2. It's broken to where people are able to damage each other with their melee's, and they can heal off each other as for some reason, lich and vamp procs off of each other. And to specify, only the melee actually takes away HP, while shooting people with a weapon doesn't. YOu can shoot teammates with a lich/vamp gun, and you will heal off them.
  3. Can we please have a change in the look of the Dola Effect? It's severely underwhelming for how much you have to donate to get it. I'd propose that it get changed to you have cash dropping down around you, and when you get a headshot kill, a money explosion occurs. If you have better idea, submit them!
  4. Disabling froghopper won't change a thing, it still glitches out their player models when they don't have it equiped.
  5. They don't need frog hopper to do it, even without frog hopper, people can crouch jump spam and it makes their player model glitch out.
  6. I dunno if i'm the only one but...I really missed it when the screen shaked and sound play whenever someone dropped an ascended or above. I really wish we could have that back to the server.
  7. Please put out some type of rule until their is some type of fix for this. It breaks the exploiter's h1tbox as well when they do this, while forcing a player to do nearly 1/4 the damage they normally do because they have to shoot someone in the leg/foot. Zedigy had a nice idea of: -Warn 1st offence -Kick 2nd Offence -Small Ban 3rd offence -Bigger Ban 4th offence -Etc Just sickening to lose fights because of this. I shouldn't have to "adapt" to people abusing a bug by having to do it myself to even have a chance to win fights.
  8. I mean, i think the hit reg is fine. It's just the people crouch jump spamming glitching out their player model/hitboxes, are the main issue.
  9. Take a look in the New channel, people are joining back and are still getting mutators in bulk. Just recently someone came back and got some lol.
  10. I enjoyed the old daily system, had fun hopping from server to server, finding the best dailies to do while meeting new peeps. +1
  11. Drop your best moments in modern warfare moments so you can flex! Just joined a lobby late and won a 1v6 for a round win. 1v6Clutch.mp4
  12. Oh yea, didn't people abuse the gift box thing to get past the wipe? lmao
  13. I mean, it says the event goes all the way to september, soooooo it's safe to assume it's the summer climb.
  14. I have 2 for sale, selling them for 80-90k. Pm if interested FizzyKaminski#0130
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