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  1. That is a Fucking awesome idea i would love that
  2. I dont think anything is wrong with my 1050 rpm SG 550 TE with Trig 😄
  3. Proped - on kill have X% chance to turn into a small prop for X seconds, cannot shoot but can ID bodies
  4. I can see that but atleast for commodity items like skins and tints they could do something like that maybe
  5. Is there any reason as to why? i mean i see that if its well implemented it could vastly improve trading and the inventory system as a whole.
  6. +1 My friend lost his kneecaps to the moat cartel, we should have these limits in place to avoid such catastrophes
  7. +1 Would shoot my tbuds on accident 10/10
  8. So we all have these skins, tints, and paints we apply to items right? but all of this is just a layover on that weapon which after time to me gets a little boring and repetitive, sure we can keep adding skins and things such as but they will lose their charm eventually, I propose a new idea to modify weapons on moat cosmetically, Weapon Finishes. I will give an example Take for instance the Dualies, when i talk about these weapon finishes what i mean are cosmetics that can be applied to a weapon that changes the weapons model and idea for the dualies would be a weapon finish called the "Dual Cutlasses" based of the weapons Remi from Black Lagoon uses OR For the m16 a Weapon Finish that changes the model to the Aliens Colonial Marines Battle Rifle These could then be further modified with skins, tints, and paints. Tbh it might seem like a foreign concept at first but when you think about it would be an awesome addition to moat to make your badass items even more unique These "Weapon Finishes" Could be their own usable and just like skins be applied and removed.
  9. I see people often metagaming the dailies and contracts and fully willing to take the day ban for it, i propose a new punishment for it, if someone is caught doing this they should be locked out of doing dailies and contracts for a period of time, maybe by making the dailies and contracts not register their kills or actions for a week, then 2 weeks, then month perhaps
  10. I mean it sounds a little like the clans/faction system i had proposed earlier last month but i also like this one too
  11. -1 Ive had to deal with vips acting above the rules because theyve donated, i wouldnt really wanna see a potential server full of that i dont hate vips though only the bad ones that act like they are superior to everyone